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Boycott Gallo!
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http://www.ufw.org/gallopetition.htm Sign a petition to help Gallo of Sonoma workers avoid a new Gallo wine boycott!

Gallo of Sonoma scion Matt Gallo refuses to extend health benefits to the 75% of his workers hired through farm labor contractors. During the holiday season, Gallo workers need you to send a message to Matt Gallo: Tell Matt Gallo to fulfill his promise. Agree to a UFW contract that supplies basic health benefits to employees of your farm labor contractors.

Tell Others!

Here's a brief letter you can send to your e-mail circle of friends, family and co-workers by copying and pasting the message below into an e-mail. Please only contact people who know you personally. Spam hurts our campaign.

Dear Friend,

I signed this petition on behalf of Gallo of Sonoma farm workers being denied basic health benefits by Matt Gallo. I think it is very important. Please get involved and sign the petition. Help the farm workers by e-mailing Matt Gallo with Gallo of Sonoma today.

You can take action by going to: http://www.ufw.org/gallopetition.htm.

Thanks for lending your voice too.
good shit man, i signed.
A negotiation is planned between Gallo and the UFW for June, and UFW wants to have 25,000 signatures for a petition to let Gallo know that they are ready for a full fledged boycott of them if they don't agree to give proper health coverage to their migrant workers. You can sing the petition at http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/GalloPetition.
You must be on the UFW mailing list too.. laugh.gif yep, signed already.. singed a bunch of these things on Gallo of Sonoma.. anyhoot.. moving this to Action.
Can we please move this back to the main politick forum? No one ever goes on the action forum, and the whole point of this is to get people to become involved. I can't do that when they're not even seeing the topic.

http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/FineLiving United Farm Workers is asking FineLiving Network (a major advertising martner for Gallo) to put pressure on Gallo over this issue. Send your letter and urge them to do so as well. If you haven't already signed the 'Gallo unfair' petition, sign it at http://www.ufw.org/gallopetition. Thank you for your support.
Here's another good UFW campaign to support, http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/SB391LobbyDay/step1.tcl. It's a bill to give better treatment to workers who are exposed to pesticide drifts.
QUOTE (defiance @ May 27 2004, 04:40 PM)
Can we please move this back to the main politick forum? No one ever goes on the action forum, and the whole point of this is to get people to become involved.

They don't? Since when?
Since when?

Since almost no one has looked at this topic since it was moved, and since almost no one has looked at my "Free Annete Auguste" thread on action. Of course, for some reason no one will look at it on politick either. I guess that's not important to anyone here. Not many people seem that interested in Haiti.
Hello, mods, can this be moved back to politick? No one is looking at this thread.
I won't move it back, but I'll pin it. Maybe no one is really reading this because we all already subscribe to the UFW news letter and get these already... that's what I'm thinking.. but who knows.. I'll pin it for you tho.
Speaking of UFW, I'm going to meet Dolores Huerta Today grin.gif

She's THE BEST!!!!!!!! w00t.gif clap2.gif
Wow, that sounds great. I've sent messages asking for her term on the board of education to be renewed, cause the governator hasn't renewed it yet. How are you having this meeting? Is it something to do with education, or with UFW?

Does it have to do with the fast for education? You seem to be involved with alot of important activism. Keep it up.
I posted this in another thread but..

She was scheduled to go because she is in strong support of the movement (F4E) and I went to the Rally (as planned) and as soon as she was alone.. i went up to talk to her. I told her how I admired her so. she was cool.. she was like.. "thank you!" and then she asked "what's your name?" and I was like.. "My name's Mayra" and then she asked if I went to school and I said "Yes, I go to UCDavis" and then she was like... "that's Great!" and we chittchatted a bit... but she was running around like crazy!  My roomate was too scared to go up to her so what I did was i walked back to Dolores and introduced my roomate to her.. and then I took a picture with Dolores  How Classic! I took a pic with a Living Legend!  I'm pretty happy today.

Cool. Did she speak at all to the crowd? Do you know if I can find a video of the rally? I would like to see what happened.

Do you think she will be able to stay with the board of regents for education? I haven't got any update yet from UFW, so I don't really know what's going on with it. I have serious doubts about whether Arnold will renew her place there, but you never know.
She has not been reappointed. sad.gif Arnold is not helping at all. We can further discuss this in the Fast4Education thread cause I don't wanna hijack this one. wink.gif I bet it'll be a nice disc. Thanks smile.gif

Everyone should not only boycott "Gallo of Sonoma" but all Gallo wines. Gallo is one of the largest wine producers in the US, if not the Largest. Gallo of Sonoma is their "elite" or better wine label (probably not top of the line, but they market it that way) Its basically a secondary label for the Gallo family.

I dont drink Gallo wines anyway, but thats just me.
You may have noticed the change in the title of this thread. The Agricultural Job Opportunity, Benefits, and Security Act of 2003, also known as AgJOBS, S.1645, might be voted on by the senate, and UFW is now asking everyone to send letters/e-mails asking the "decision maker" to support the bill in the senate, if and when it is voted on. Send your e-mail, if you have not already sent one, at http://www.unionvoice.org/campaign/AgJobsDOD/step1.tcl. Thanks.
FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Suport everyone thier by sending them out! Put it on your MSN screename NEthing! Stop at nothing!
Gallo Fair

Sign por favor... blackhair.gif

The United Farm Workers invites people of good will to join our second boycott of Gallo wine in 32 years. Hundreds of farm workers and supporters are kicking off the new international boycott of Gallo wine June 14 on the steps of San Francisco City Hall.

Together we will convince America's wealthiest wine making family to do the responsible thing by stopping the exploitation of their workers.

The Gallos deny the majority of their farm workers benefits and grievance rights. The Gallos abuse, cheat and deny these workers benefits, job protections and humane living conditions in the heart of California's fabled wine country.

The Gallos say they have no responsibility for the miserable conditions endured by their vineyard employees because they are "temporary workers"

Through this boycott, people of goodwill can have a say. "No Gallo!"

Please sign the petition informing the Gallos of your decision to join the boycott. And pass it on to your friends.
Thanks for posting this def - i hadn't heard.....Will sign, pass it on online, and tell my lushier friends as well wink.gif
i signed it too--sent it to a couple buddies too
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