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Full Version: This Will Move You
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Defiant One
watch the video at
uneffected by it but I ordered a vegan starter kit anyway
stuff like that is nasty. I gotta hurry and get my own farm going and raise my own stuff.
shit like that is nasty and i agree with u that slaughtering animals is cruel but im not really into stopping it. Just refusing to eat it is fighting it enough, especially if u make a big scene about it! And besides, there is no way anyone is ever going to stop places like McDonalds, our fat corporate America just loves it too much. orale.gif
oh ya Minifest, mice Buddy Christ picture thumbup.gif orale.gif
ain't that avatar from the Dogma movie, when they wanna change jesus' image?

err.. sorry for going this off-topic
Marla Singer
Crylol.gif buddy christ!!!


and yes, im SOOO glad my meat comes from our organic farm - the chicked we used to kill ourselves, which, in my opinion, was fine, because i know how it was done and stuff....the cows and the sheep go to the butcher though....anyway....the pigs we do ourselves. thats tough, because i get attached to my piggies...sad.gifsad.gif

but the meat is quality, organic, freerun, relaxed, and loved. plus i dont really like meat all that much. i only eat it when i really want it. is this wrong? seriously, tell me if it is. i dont think it is, and i havent heard a good case for the vegan, ever, so if there is one, do give me one! smile.gifsmile.gif i'd really really appreciate it.

that was slightly off topic but yeah.
Defiant One
no way i'm goin vegan, just thought it was a pretty controversial documentary
Yes..that moved me...closer to a puke bag.

Yea, buddy christ's holdin it down on the dashboard lol
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