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Hello. I was wondering if Zack or RATM would be interested in playing a show in the Hamptons? Now hear me out. It sounds corny, but most of the people who RATM villifies in their music live in the Hamptons. Bernanke, Paulson, Ron Baron, Bernie Madoff ( well he's in jail in NC but you get my point) etc... basically in the summertime all of Wall St and their rich crooked ass friends come out here to treat us locals like their peasants. I work at a live music club, the only one in the Hamptons, and would love to help organize a concert/protest of these rich fucks that put a lot of us out of work, and stole my kids college funds. Just because I live in the Hamptons, I am not rich, I am fed up withbeing bent over on a daily basis while they openly break laws and take away our freedoms without consequence. It is time for a Revolution, but we need leadership and a voice. You may not see yourself as an MLK but you could be. Im white and I love the RATM message and think all races of working class people feel they are being stepped on by the Govt. If you think it would be worth while, then great, let me know how to get this thing in motion. If it isn't somehting you're interested in, I understand that you are a busy man, with many things on your plate, just keep making great music!
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