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One Day As A Lion Vid...
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About time hu?
Thoughts? huh.gif
sweet! and yea it took a bit but its a nice vid.
Here's another link:

Wild International

I Think its a pretty good video. Jon is murdering those drums!
Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed the video. I LOVE THIS SONG! And didn't even think about a video for it. This is great!

...and yeas, those drums are getting a mother fuckin' good ass whoopin'! Hahaha. AWESOME!
thanks for the links! i really like it
Battle for Equality
Great video, thanks for the link happy.gif Now if only we can get some more songs xD
i loved the video . i hope they release more of this, ODAAL was great, all that i espected from zack.
does any1 knows if they are goin to release more tracks ? can som1 update me on some news ? tnx in advanced

so i
dig in selector
i the resurrector laughing.gif
I really love the style of the vid. Hopefully they come out with more. I know that over on Vietnow they someone heard that there's a possibility of a full albm coming out by the end of the year.... I kow that Zack has a way of getting our hopes up, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
That vids excellent. been hanging to see a vid with our boy zack in it. Liking it... Isay that cause i aint yet seen the whole thing. my net speeds to slow here at the min sad.gif
Cool vid, lot's of meat.

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