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Walmart Slavery
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Fremen Bryan
Subject: Brasscheck TV: Everyday slave wages
http://jahtruth. net/syst. htm


In some ways Wal-Mart is the ideal
New World Order corporation.

Its campaign of total surveillance of
its workers, specifically to stamp
out unionization efforts before they
can take hold is particularly

But that's just the tip of the ice

Here's a peek behind the Iron Wal-Mart

http://www.brassche cktv.com/ page/394. html

- Brasscheck

P.S. Wal-Mart can and does pay to keep
the reality of its business operations
off the US news media.

The US news media is only too happy to
take the money.

Share this video with friends and colleagues
so they can see what they're supporting when
they shop at Wal-Mart.
- Brasscheck

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All I've got to say is that I honestly wouldn't wish my WORST ENEMY to work at Wal-Mart. I worked there nearly six months. IT WAS TORTURE!! Everyone complained to me. I always heard people greeting one another as we came in for our shift...they'd say, "how are ou today"...and the other would reply, "I'm just here". That's sad. People shouldn't go to work everyday for hours on end hating what they do. So many of my former co-workers have been there for 10 years plus. It's sad.

I was hired as a SALES ASSOCIATE, at the Texarkana, Arkansas Wal-Mart. I was hired to work in the boy's and girl's apparel section. I ended up working in Infants, as a People Greeter, a Cashier, Operator. DID I GET EXTRA? NO! I got paid my level 2 wage. By the way Cashiers are level 3. They'd take me out of my work area to "cover" for them, cuz they didn't frickin' hire enough people. Then I'd get bitched at for not "zoning" my area to perfection. For those that don't know zoning is basically putting everything in order, and making sure there are no "slip, trip, or fall" hazards. In the apparel section zoning is far worse than any part of the store cuz you have to put in color order...make sure spacing between hangers are correct, size order. It's crazy. I never minded helping out, but I got a shit load of tasks from every direcetion. I did Department Manager work as well.

I can't count how many times people I didn't even know came up to me and started complaing about the work load for pennies and to be bitched at. People that work there (from my experience) look tired, exhausted, fed up...and at wits end. I have broken down and cried on a few occasions from stress. And it's not me to just cry.

Working at Wal Mart gave me experience in the retail world...and I am happy I know how things operate behind the "Employees Only" doors. However, it was HELL! It truly is a "slave-driving" workplace. AND I CAN'T TELL YOU GUYS HOW MUCH I HEARD THAT EITHER!!! People just talk amongst themselves...and what do you hear..."they're just slave-driving" us.

AND GET THIS.......NO OVERTIME!!! I had to "cut" my overtime by taking a longer lunch, leaving early, or coming in late. It was the worse around holidays and INVENTORY!!! OH CHRIST...DON'T LET ME HEAR THAT WORD!!!!!!
What an experience.

I heard that it is changing a little...but HOW LONG is that gonna last.
If it makes you feel any better, Wal-Mart is fucked. Their business model relies on just-in-time delivery of resources to keep their warehousing overhead really low; essentially, anything that isn't in a store somewhere is on its way to a store. They have no back stock, no inventory. When oil prices climb back over the $145/barrel mark--which everyone with a clue agrees that it will sometime in the next three years (with $200/barrel oil by 2013), it'll be a battle of attrition for the big-W.
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