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Full Version: Concert Poster Artwork
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I dont know how many of you are doing this out there - but a couple of years ago when I saw Audioslave in Vegas they were selling this amazing piece of artwork for the concert. By the time i got to the front of the line they had sold out all of the posters - so i was totally bummed out. Anyway, i started searching the web for the artwork and had no luck until an aquaintance of mine found a copy of the poster on eBay and got it for me. On that poster it was signed by the artist and had his website. I thought it was so amazing that it was signed by the artist. Anyway, after getting that poster i got really into looking for cool artwork of shows that i have been to. As of yet i have only bought one poster from a show that i didnt go to - and that was because it was so cool.

Now i have found this subculture of artists who create 60's looking artwork (printmaking) for specific shows. When i went to the Vegoose music festival last year they had a special section of tents where a bunch of artists or art dealers were selling concert artwork - and i was lucky enough to meet the guy who did the artwork for the two nights that Tool was in LA - which i went to both nights of. They only make about 300 prints of each show - and the artists sign and number each one. Ive started framing all of the posters and they are slowly growing on my wall - so i thought i might share some of the posters i have with everyone here who is a fan of artwork.

Here is some of the artwork i have collected:

The Audioslave in Vegas poster i was referring to above, which started me off. This was the first show of the Out of Exile tour, which was the first show that the band Audioslave played RATM or Soundgarden material (if my memory is correct).

The only poster i have from a show i didnt go to.

TOOL show in LA last fall (back to back nights)

This show was amazing.

My favorite so far.

Im having difficulty finding all the shows that i have been to so far, but has some good info about who the artists are. I found my bright eyes poster through that site. Once i found out who did the Bright Eyes poster i found the artists website and emailed him to see if he had any left. The Artist - EMEK - responded and hooked me up for 50 bucks. If you can get the posters from the artists themselves its sooo much cheaper than buying it off of ebay. Plus the money goes to the artists and promotes their work.

If i could find this poster anywhere i would buy it even though i didnt go to the show.
Wow, those posters are amazing. That's a very interesting collection.
That tool poster is mad.
yes they're awsome well done with finding them
I really dig the Vegas Audioslave one man, very cool! wink.gif

I've got a band poster book with some other cool ones I should put up here, I reckon you'd like them...
amazing Coachella poster by EMEK.

Holy shit, thats fuckin awesome man!

This is a pretty funny Primus concert poster

Evil Empire
^ That Coachella poster is packed with mad detail. Love it! cool.gif
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