They're gonna be playing in my hood... and Maybe Zack'll be there. Afterall, he's been in my hood before. smile.gif

Sunday Aug 28, 2005
at 6:00 PM

City of San Fernando Recreation Park
208 Park Ave.
San Fernando, CA 91340


Concert Information:
Date: Sunday, August 28
Location: Recreation Park
Admission: FREE!

The grand finale this year will feature Quetzal, one of the leading multi-ethnic bands to stem from the Los Angeles Chicano Music Movement. The band’s sound blends Mexican indigenous music with rock and Caribbean influences. Celebrating over a decade as a group, Quetzal remains true to its Afro-jarocho musical roots and committed to its challenging, community oriented vision. Their grassroots approach to interfuse the styles of son, bolero, rock and blues, inspires a sense of culture and rhythm that is indescribable. Their performance promises to be the perfect culmination to the 2005 Summer Concert Series and an evening not to be missed.