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> Signed Ratm/zack Biography Available!, The full story of Zack, Tom and co.
Paul Stenning
Jul 30 2008, 03:19 AM

Junior Activist

3-July 08


Pre-order the RATM Biography NOW!


STAGE FIGHTERS is available as a very limited batch of 50 numbered and signed editions, with personal message. Pre-order these special editions for only £16.00 (postage PAID worldwide).

The book, Stage Fighters, will be released during August and is available for pre-order now, upcoming blog will feature more details. The first batch will be numbered and signed by myself.

It is 250 pages of politically motivated musical anarchy! This is the first chance I have had to write a political music biography as obviously there are very few bands who fit the remit. I approached the subject with a little scepticism given the regular criticisms of the band but was happy to find my cynical stance soon abated as I learned more about the true history of the band.

This full history encompasses all members' upbringing and the political climate of the 60s and beyond as well as a focus on the history of protest music and how it links to RATM. There is also an in depth study of Chris Cornell and the Audioslave years coming right up to date with the reformation of RATM.

I also go into detail on the band's personal politics from their involvement with the Zapatistas through to thorough focus on the case of, among other prominent political activists, Mumia Abu Jamal. This is not your average rock book but at the same time as all the politicised background is a full analysis and timeline of the band's music and those involved. One exclusive interview comes from GGGarth Richardson the producer of the debut album - his revelations are a joy to behold!

I must make a quick comment regarding the nature of the band, and the inevitable criticisms I will receive because they're not a metal band, though some people seem to think they are.

As those of you who know me (or at least my career) fairly well will know, I don't exactly subscribe to a genre ban of any kind. I am an extremely eclectic music lover and I'm pretty much open to anything. The reason I chose RATM is because they have a long illustrious history, they are pioneers and their story is among the most interesting of all rock groups, perhaps the most interesting. Their music has always inspired me and I was intrigued to learn more myself as I went along. This had been an idea I'd had for a long time but seemed most pertinent now as the band has reformed.

To underline - if you think this is a sell-out or it's not metal enough for you I really couldn't give a toss - just don't read it! For those who understand, you're in for a treat!

Here is the official blurb:

"Rage Against the Machine changed the shape of music with their rampant self-titled debut album in 1992. Here was a politically charged troupe who took advantage of major label backing yet spoke out on issues that few stars in the spotlight dared to - never afraid to insist their message was just as important as the music.

The sales came in the millions and critical acclaim besieged them...until De La Rocha left the band in 2000. Instead of attempting to replace the inimitable orator, Morello and Co. threw a curveball and hired ex-Soundgarden throat Chris Cornell to create a new band - Audioslave. Yet, there was always the genius of Rage Against The Machine in the background and in 2007 the band reformed with De La Rocha included. Millions have waited a long time to see the spectacle unfold once again.

This is the story of how a Harvard graduate and a poetic activist welded together, along with several capable cohorts, to create a bastion of youth revival and change through the medium of their striking, innovative material; a glutton of musical riches which continues to amaze and inspire today."

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