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> Open Letter To Atheist-scientists And Their Followers
Fremen Bryan
post Feb 8 2009, 07:57 PM
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Open letter to atheist-scientists and their followers
Filed under: February 5, 2009 - 07:58
Created 4th February 2008, updated 7th February 2008

I recently read some of Richard Dawkin's rants against religion and belief in God. He's a relatively well-known scientist, so-called, that is convinced of his own theories being fit enough to explain the existence of life, which is incredibly arrogant to begin with.

He refers to belief in God as being mind-shrinking.

The idea of any sophisticated machinery, which is what life on this planet is, as Dawkins also well knows, having studied it at the gene-level, combining out of nothing by itself, is such a mind-boggling concept that it cannot be categorised as anything else than an extreme religion, based on theories alone and requiring blind belief - the very same substance that he himself mistakingly tries to use as a critique against believing [in] God.

He criticizes people who are not ready to debate a matter without being able to base it on facts. Yet, the idea of the planets in our solar system being on their stable course, providing us with stable days and nights, with clockwork accuracy, and the existence of a balanced system of life with a perpetual life-cycle, disturbed only by man, being formed out of nothingness and just based on a story, a theory, without any facts, makes him the target of his own critique.

Furthermore the study of genetics and biological machines, which is what life here is, shows that they were obviously designed and it is complete lunacy to believe they have randomly formed by themselves, with there being absolutely no proof available to back up the idea, whereas there is ample documented proof of God and His revelations, which is blindly ignored by people like Dawkins, who admits that he hasn't even bothered to study it.

Science itself dictates that entropy increases, and therefore that without a creative force, everything continuously tends to chaos and disorder, without exception. Out of nothingness, a perfectly interoperating system forming by itself without guidance is a stupefying concept and a religious one at that. Have you seen stones organising themselves together by chance, to build houses? It may sound like a simplistic question, but it is exactly, what these so-called scientists would like you to believe, but rather about the system of the universe, which is countless times more complex.

The so-called scientists refer to billions and zillions of years as if that explains designed patterns having formed out of nothing, but even basic combinations or structures having formed out of themselves, without the help of processes already set in motion such as nature and growth, remain to be proven (because they can not).

In science, facts are supposed to be provable. When one starts weaving up stories and fantasies about millions and zillions of years, and enters the realm of thought where "everything is possible, given enough time", even when it goes against conventional science itself, it is NOT science, but tales.

Think about robots forming out of nothingness by themselves. Consider the fact that humans are provably very sophisticated biological computers and robots, both at the macroscopic and microscopic cellular level, containing zillions of small machines that do certain tasks at each level, every one of them working in harmony to maintain a stable system. Consider that many organs and parts of the whole are critical, and without them the rest wouldn't function, thus they all need to be installed and formed at the very same time.

Richard Dawkins draws a comparison of the setting and studying life on this planet to a "detective entering the crime-scene after the act has already been committed", and simply because he thinks ill of the concept of an external Creator, he admits he dismisses it on that grounds alone, because he thinks he has got the better theory about it - what amazing arrogance.

Bible prophecy is FULL of facts to show that people have been given insight directly from God, and The Bible history also reveals a wealth of proof of The Creator.

Jesus said 2,000 years ago, that if any man doubts His words, they can be proven by living by them, and then one will KNOW whether they are true or whether He "came up with them Himself". The same is true today. Dawkins has admitted that he has not studied the subject.

People like Dawkins need to realize just how important it is for them to study and experiment what Jesus has told us, especially when they hold a stubbornly arrogant opinion that the matter is not even worth studying (and yet call themselves a "scientist" - hypocrites).

A good starting-point could be, to look at what kind of people we have running this planet, because they are the people who have the power to mess up our lives here.

Robert Muller, assistant secretary general with a 40-year career in the United Nations, is an openly declared Lucifer-worshipper. He believes that Lucifer is a positive principle and made a great act of sacrifice by descending to our planet. A total reversal of what we are taught in what Jesus told us to study, which is the Scriptures (Old Covenant), and what is in His Revelation about Lucifer having been a rebellious angel, drawing a whole group of stars with him in defiance to God and having been cast down on earth as a punishment.

Muller is not alone, and one can judge trees by their fruits. Besides from his openly professed faith in the evil side, others with him are more or less "in the closet", but their deeds speak more than words. George W. Bush, like his father, belong to a secret-society called Skull and Bones, which glorifies death, and their family has been proven to have been associated with the nazis that practise(d) the same, before, during and after World War II. To have a look at what goes on at the top levels of U.S. political elite, look up "Conspiracy of silence" and "Franklin coverup", to begin with.

There is volumenous documentation of the rottenness and evil going on at top levels everywhere, if one bothers to look.

They have stated their goals of population-reduction in manifestations such as the Georgia Guidestones, and also recorded in a number of books and papers from their so-called think-tanks.

It is said that we are currently using over 140% of the world's annual renewable natural resources, and these people are going to get rid of the human-cancer, or, useless eaters as they call the populace, and have it to themselves and then maintain power using vast technological superiority and all-pervasive surveillance and control grid, openly revealed by Zbigniew Brzezinski's Technotronic Era and built before your very eyes daily at increasing speed along with totalitarian police-state legislation in the name of fraudulent "War on Terror".

All this is documented and discoverable, and going into the details here would be a waste of space. An interested reader will find the facts, and failing that, I would be more than willing to share everything I know if somebody would ask, but, as is usually the case, the interest to study matters is not genuine, and the "scientific" approach is just a facade, and those who call themselves "scientific" appear to be very religious about their beliefs themselves.

But if one is to study exactly what is going on in our world, there should be an immediate realization that we are facing such monsters in power who hold the reins of power and wealth, that ONLY God can deliver us from what they are about to unleash on us, which is already picking up speed as they are shutting down the economies and initiating the greatest social cataclysm and worst times to ever happen on this planet.

The Bible, when one truly without preconceived ideas studies it, will reveal that God has told us already thousands of years ago that this would happen. Or would you say it was a pretty "good" guess to give the prophecy that an army of 200 million men will go into action in the end? I am referring to the available manpower of China, and 2,000 years ago when the Book of Revelation was written, an army of that size would obviously have been unthinkable. The prophecies are fitting in exact and in minute detail.

Once again, the ONLY way is to LIVE the teachings of Jesus, to find-out whether they are true or not.

Something to note is that God is the source of Love, Justice and all things Good. If one is drawn to the values of God, one will instantly find out that the state of affairs on our planet is far from His values. If one hungers for Justice, one will find out about an immense inequality, and should want to find out who it is that could set things straight with their power and resources, but chooses not to. And studying that path leads one to discover that there is a satanic cabal that has been at it for life-times, and will lead one to find-out again that only with God can any remedy be found.

If one doesn't feel the pull towards God's values, one will no doubt reject Him and His revelations and teachings off-hand just like Dawkins does, and not even bother to study who holds the power and resources, and find-out about the evil associations at the root of the power.

If one honestly wants to make a change for the better, it is impossible not to find out that at the highest level the power and money is held by Luciferian people, who insanely believe that evil is good, which should be a fairly disturbing idea, and lead one to find out what to do about it, discovering that the Lucifer-posse's power is simply so strong that only with God's help can it and will it be defeated.

To somebody who doesn't have a clue of the facts of the world, this may possibly seem like a rant out of another dimension, but I would like to emphasize that all this is hard reality, which is discoverable by truly scientific approach and study into RELEVANT matters in the world, at the core.

The Truth is out there.


P.S. Comparison of DNA code/machinery to computer-programming:- http://ds9a.nl/amazing-dna/

P.P.S. The Truth is certainly NOT with organized religion, "Christianity" (falsely so called), or priests. They have obscured the truth, the true history, for many millennia, and given The Bible and God a horrible reputation, undeservedly so.

P.P.P.S. Trying to make evolution and creation mutually exclusive is insane as well. We design programmes and machines with as great automation as possible. One must have really shrunk one's mind to think that an external, universal, creator of this universe wouldn't use a concept such as evolution to automate processes, after creating the basic models.

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post Nov 22 2009, 05:33 PM
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If this is all true then why would He not put it into the world in a way that the everyman can understand? Just a thought. I don't know of any proof either way so I would have to go with Occams razor on this one.

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