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> Perfecting The Trifecta
Fremen Bryan
Dec 1 2009, 01:56 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe

Perfecting the Trifecta
Jim Kirwan


At the root of the corruption this time, there is a virtual trifecta that is being used to turn what was our way-of-life into a privatized and corporate-way-of-death. Using basic lies; the fascist-designers in service to the new-old greed and power centers have been able to move nations into tyranny, and finally into outright treason, to finish what they started so very long ago. Since September 11, 2001 this trifecta has been played-out in every arena of life; particularly in America , because all of this is about destroying the nation and its concepts of government along with everyone that resists this takeover.

Criminal law-enforcement of the new paradigm, since 911, has been led by the takeover of all the armed police and special-forces of the government that are now being used in pre-emptive strikes against the public in America . The civil police and sheriffs are being used as conditioning tools, shock-troops really, that have nothing to do with law enforcement or protection of the public; but everything to do with conditioning the public to barbarity, to torture and to assassination by police; in a governmental crackdown on any and all civil liberties nationwide. The downside for this never-before-contemplated theft of the natural-rights of all people; is that America now lives and dies by The Guns of the Government.

The simplified form for this new compact with "our government" is: THERE ARE NO RULES FOR GOVERNMENT, or FOR ANY OF THEIR ENFORCERS!

There are only the medieval rules for everyone else that punishes every infraction with official violence; while failing to even notice the massive crimes which this government and their criminal associates are using every day to complete the largest transfer of wealth in human history.

In the trenches of everyday life, since the coup of 911, the public has been losing people to intimidation and official torture, to detention without cause, to police brutality and finally to assassination by police-officers; with little or no follow-up on the many-hundreds of these deaths across the nation. We don't even know how many there are, because the police are not forced to keep records of those that they kill and those that are maimed or hospitalized are usually listed under something other than "police abuse."

The latest chapter in this nine-year-farce came on November 29, 2009, in a coffee shop just outside Tacoma in Oregon where four cops were murdered by a lone gunman at eight o'clock on a Sunday morning. (1)

The response by police came when hundreds of officers turned out to swarm the area to instantly find the killer and there is now a $50,000 reward for information; yet the proportionality of this manhunt stands in stark contrast to what happens when cops kill detained suspects while in police custody and then cover up their criminal actions with official silence and excuses while the officers that murder people, on camera, remain free.

We are all subject to death at some point—what's at issue here is how very differently 'death' is treated according to who kills who; and who will be legally punished versus who will be unofficially executed. And of course the other glaring obscenity since the coup has always been who remains free and who will be assassinated rather than investigated, under the bloodstained shields' that still claim to be operating under color of law.

This one-sided war upon citizens has been going on for nine long years, almost without exception. But the downside of using excessively brutal and deadly force for everything from failing to produce a drivers' license fast enough, to the failure to OBEY a thug in uniform: Will have consequences; and death is a very final consequence: whether it is deserved or not.

This unexpected event only serves to underscore, for those what have been waging war upon America and Americans that they are not immune from the same kinds of brutality they routinely chose to dish out to unsuspecting people in the course of daily life! Too many in uniform have chosen to live by excessive force in all its forms, beginning with intimidation and overwhelming brute force when dealing with the public they are suppose to protect. When that equation is directly applied to them, their reactions to the murders that result do not reflect any responsibility for what has just occurred. Yet they are responsible, not as individuals perhaps, but as parts of the machine they keep in place by their robotic actions in uniform each and every day.

The only time that today's cops recognize that "they too are involved with mankind," is when one or more of their privatized club is harmed or killed and then their reactions are overwhelming and border on the obscene—especially when one realizes just how many hundreds of deaths these same cops, prosecutors, judges and Attorney's General are responsible for that are not even reported, much less investigated or avenged. And the media has been totally complicit in everything that has brought us to this place by their slavish devotion to the principle that all cops are heroic and good, as there is never any question about the conduct or the records of those in-uniform that are killing us, every day and every night in this police-state that we are trying to survive in.

When for instance was the last time that the police were reported for attacking unarmed citizens with overwhelming and sometimes deadly force? The assumption by media is always that whoever they go after; "deserved" whatever they got at the hands of the police. Any and all facts regarding the so-called officers involved is never splashed all over the news, from the instant that whatever happens occurs. While the target of the violence is tried and convicted by police & the media, within the first few seconds of the each news report.

This is what perfecting the trifecta has come down to in cities and towns across this country. 'Cops kill citizens without reason or remorse but when Cops get killed in the same way they always overreact.' The result of this is that we shall all now begin-again to pay the price for official over-reaction (along with all the unreported official murders) which this incident will begin to play directly into.

Americans need to be armed with Full-Knowledge about what these people we have given guns to, are doing to us each and every day. We also need to keep our Right to Bear Arms; because at the end of the day every citizen is responsible (unlike the police, the courts or the government) for our own survival, in any situation: This includes threats of death from out-of-control uniformed officials with a badge. This latest incident will no doubt be used to try and disarm the tax-paying public; while nothing will be done to stop the real criminal elements in this society from carrying and using guns.

Throughout the last NINE YEARS we have seen what fear and terror can do to unprepared-people. But this has not yet accomplished what was planned by the criminal elements in official positions (both governmental and private). So they are planning to use SUSPICION to do what fear alone could not. Do not surrender to this latest campaign which this event will begin to generate—today! Demand instead that the "suspect" be captured alive and interrogated fully, instead of allowing him to just be executed in yet another moment of blood-lust, for an outrage that too many in uniform dispense so freely each and every day in this society. The reason we had courts-of-law, was to weigh evidence and come to clear and reasoned responses to the crimes that committed here. If the cops and other thugs in uniform are allowed to just be official vigilantes: Then the day when citizens take up the same behavior cannot be far off.

Last chance America to demand that there actually be some accountability from the entire and totally out-of-control CRIMINAL-Just-Us System!


1) Shooter possibly wounded – four police officers shot dead – with video


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