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> Rage In Italy, we NEED some rage in the old world
May 15 2007, 01:36 AM

Junior Activist

15-May 07

are you guys (ratm) planning dates in other parts of the world?
here in italy we NEED some rage
rage against casualization in job policies (4 million people are precarious workers in this country, mostly young and women, a whole generation fucked up by "new"left-wing and right-wing governments)
rage against war (in this beautiful country we have the larger amount of US and NATO infrastructures in Europe, and many people are moving against this situation - see "NO DAL MOLIN", against the planned, and agreed by the "left"government, US base in Vicenza)
rage against old and new state-lism (fascists are coming out of the toilets, demonstrating in front of social centres and attacking civil unions between homosexuals - together with the church; on the (other) side, stalinists are trying to impose their hegemony on the social movements of these years, see the campaign against the privatisation of water)
and we NEED TO SPREAD CONSCIOUSNESS ABOUT THE CASE OF OUR BROTHER WARRIOR MUMIA ABU-JAMAL, WHO IS FACING A CRITICAL STAGE OF HIS LEGAL BATTLE there will be a demonstration in front of the US Consulate in Milan on May the 17th, hoping that some good willing people will show up
so JUST COME BROTHERS, and don't make us pay too expensive tickets, otherwise... wink.gif
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May 15 2007, 03:28 AM


1-February 07
Perth, Australia

[quote name='antiflag' date='May 15 2007, 05:36 PM' post='207256']
are you guys (ratm) planning dates in other parts of the world?

Sorry dude, but I don't believe that this site is actually run by the official RATM. Nor would they check for such fan posts.
It'd be mad if they did a world tour but seriously. They only got 3 more shows locked in atm.

You're gonna have to be patient and just wait on future updates. So keep coming to zdlr.net. This place is always hot on the latest RATM and ZDLR news.

Hope I was of assistance dude!

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Activist Noam Chomsky argues that “Mumia's case is symbolic of something much broader...The US prison system is simply class and race war...Mumia and other prisoners are the kind of people that get assassinated by what's called 'social cleansing' in US client states like Colombia.”

How Long? Not Long! Cause what you reap, is what what you sow!
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