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Fremen Bryan
Jul 31 2008, 11:00 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe


Killing with kindness

There's lot of expressed concern on the part of the US, the UN and WHO about AIDS in Africa.

Oddly, other much more serious diseases and environmental problems in Africa are being ignored.

The solution to the "AIDS problem" in Africa?

Lots of immuno-suppressive drugs and the replacing of breastfeeding with infant formula.

One researcher called the west's anti-AIDS program in Africa "diabolical." This video explains why. Bush & Friends are experts at combining government "humanitarianism" and genocide.

This clip is from:

Gary Null's
Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS"

it's here - http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/277.html

Deconstructing The Myth Of AIDS (Gary Null) - 130 min - Oct 1, 2004
www.garynull.com - www.garynull.com

(310 Ratings) Rate:

In 1984 we were told that HIV was the cause of AIDS. In his provocative documentary film, “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS,” Gary Null, ...all » In 1984 we were told that HIV was the cause of AIDS. In his provocative documentary film, “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS,” Gary Null, Ph.D., challenges virtually every statement ever made by the American medical industrial complex on the virus - including those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the National Institute for Health (NIH) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While presenting the findings of Nobel Prize-winning scientists and leading virologists, the film exposes the political maneuvering, conspiracies and cover-ups that have provided obstacles to the study of this human catastrophe from the start. While presenting the findings of Nobel Prize-winning scientists and leading virologists, the film exposes the political maneuvering, conspiracies and cover-ups that have provided obstacles to the study of this human catastrophe from the start. For example, there are experts who believe that AIDS is the result of multiple factors, including drug use, stress and nutritional deficiency, but that government agencies made a politically strategic decision to de-emphasize these hypotheses and thus discourage certain researchers and their funding. Meanwhile, AZT, an infamously failed treatment for cancer, and now the primary FDA-approved approach to treating AIDS, is highly toxic and can produce the very symptoms of the illness it is prescribed to treat. “Deconstructing the Myth of AIDS” goes beyond medicine and science to question the very foundation of our reliance on government bureaucracies where it concerns matters of life and death

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Fremen Bryan
Nov 20 2009, 02:25 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe



Those obsessed with the word paranoid may exit

"It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."
- Robert Strecker, M.D.

"I am absolutely convinced AIDS was no accident of nature, but

rather a planned experiment for absolutely insane reasons."

- Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.

"How long can science ignore its own dark history?"

- Robert E. Lee, M.S. M.S.W. L.C.S.W.

"As in the homosexual population in America,
immunization programs have been blamed
for the introduction of HIV and AIDS into Africa."

Dr. Romesh Senewiratne, M.D.

"The greatest lie ever told is that vaccines are safe and effective."

- Dr. Len Horowitz

New Dawn, July, 2003 http://yarcrip.com/coronavirus.htm

Over the past few decades there is proof that government agencies have repeatedly exposed people to biological agents in secret experiments authorized by government agencies. We have read about the secret radiation experiments performed on unsuspecting U.S. citizens. There are over 500 documented criminal experiments that have been performed on people without their knowledge or consent. So the idea of AIDS as a biological experiment is not without precedent.

Charges of secret and unethical experiments against helpless American citizens are not the ravings of paranoid people. On the contrary, they are serious accusations of an informed and enlightened citizenry. Military biowarfare attacks against unsuspecting Americans in the 1950s and 60s are a documented reality.

A decade ago, the idea of AIDS as a man-made disease was considered nonsense. Now the idea is frequently mentioned in the media, but the evidence for it is never discussed, and the idea is always dismissed as paranoid. Conveniently lost in the history of AIDS is the gay hepatitis B vaccine that immediately preceded the slaughter of gay Americans. Were the Ebola and Marburg viruses also created in biowarfare laboratories during the 1970's? Are significant truths being censored by science, media, and academia? This website is not the reflection of anyones' personal agenda or vendetta; it is honest journalism gleaned from the hard-earned research of impeccably-credentialed professionals. To ignore and remain in denial of this research is to make a mockery of medical science as a field of open and honest inquiry. What follows is not theory.



AIDS and Ebola, two of this century's most virulent diseases. Why was AIDS originally known as "The Gay Plague" in America? Is AIDS merely a freak accident of nature caused from an African green monkey virus? Or is AIDS a government-sponsored genocide program that seeded a laboratory virus into select populations for political and social purposes? Is it possible to create pathogenic viruses by genetic engineering? Scientific arguments have been made to support various theories of an artificial origin of AIDS, though these arguments have been suppressed in both the mainstream press and in scientific literature. The AIDS pandemic started as a direct result of genetic experimentation and military madness. The most damning evidence that AIDS was man-made comes from the Department of Defense (DOD) Appropriations Hearings for 1969 wherein Pentagon officials, namely a one Dr. MacArthur requested an AIDS-like virus, and biowarfare labs dutifully provided a virus which would destroy the human immune response. This genetically-engineered germ would be very different from any previous microbe known to mankind. Interestingly, the above Hearings on "Synthetic Biological Agents" occurred the same year as the famous Stonewall Riot that won freedom and political clout for the gay community! Neither the government nor the press nor the scientific community has made any effort to bring the above facts to the attention of the public.

Enter the heroic patriots!! There are tireless physicians who have spent years researching and documenting the exhaustive evidence that proves conclusively that HIV/AIDS is in fact biological (germ) warfare experimentation. Whereas both our derelict politicians and mainstream media continue to fail us regarding this most tremendous story of our time! The heroic physicians introduced on this page are the true "saviors" if you will, who alone have exposed the government's lies and devious smokescreens contrived to conceal an event that is easily the greatest mass murder in world history!! Those who control, manipulate, and censor the major media, are aware of the political and social implications of the AIDS biowarfare story. The reason for AIDS disinformation is obvious: to cover up the man-made origin of this disease. Americans have been duped!!

In his well-known report WHO MURDERED AFRICA, Dr. William Campbell Douglass, M.D., wrote that HIV was finally produced (genetically engineered) in 1974, after having been PREDICTED and REQUESTED! He tells us that the AIDS virus by the WHO (World Health Organization), was not just a diabolical scientific exercise that got out of hand. It was a cold-blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus which was then used in a successful experiment in Africa. African AIDS was the result of the smallpox eradication vaccine program conducted by the World Health Organization during the 1970s. It was not an accident. It was deliberate! It is more than hypothetical hyperbole to conclude that our government has conducted biowarfare on Black Africa. It is fact.

For decades depopulation has been the highest long-range priority of US foreign policy towards the Third World. It was classified - it was a secret. "Reduction of the rate of population in these States is a matter of vital US national security." [ National Security Memorandum, Henry Kissinger ] Viruses cannot jump species unless they are specifically engineered to do so. It is also scientific fact that the AIDS virus bears no resemblance whatsoever to any virus ever found in a green monkey or chimpanzee, but does bear a total resemblance to cow virus and sheep virus, which have been bonded together to create a hybrid virus. The only possible way these two different species of virus could bond together would be from deliberate laboratory manipulation, and then further engineered to make the jump into a human system. HIV is the synthetic biological agent requested by the United States Government to accomplish a hidden Federal program.

The National Institute of Health's Special Virus Cancer Program (SVCP) is that said hidden Federal program. To attempt to give a comprehensive listing of the old and new documented animal cancer experiments behind the laboratory origin of HIV would fill up this website. Disbelievers and denialists are urged to open their minds. We are dealing here with a worldwide covert genocidal holocaust of unprecedented proportions.

Dr. Robert Strecker is on record saying that science's new supergerm HIV (this perversion of science), had been worked on being created for 30 to 40 years, and because it was engineered at Ft. Detrick, MD, obviously his claim holds that it was specifically designed as a weapon of mass destruction. As bizarre as it may seem, there are connections between the U.S. Army's Fort Detrick biowarfare lab and the National Cancer Institute, where Robert Gallo and other leading AIDS researchers worked. (See Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola, by Leonard Horowitz.) The Army's DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGICAL WARFARE already has a well-documented tradition of EXPERIMENTATION ON HUMAN BEINGS. And nowhere has homophobia been more blatant or more vicious than in the military. The question arises, why would any homosexual want to serve in the military? Since the beginning of recorded history there has never been a group of people so universally hated and despised as homosexuals. And especially by the Pentagon! What happened in 1978 and beyond to cause AIDS to burst upon the scene and devastate the homosexual segment of the American population?

Actual NYC Blood Center recruiting ad - June, 1979

LAST CHANCE For Gay Men to Join the HEPATITIS B* VACCINE PROGRAM. *A Sexually Transmitted Disease. Enrollment closes in June, after which the vaccine may not be available for several years. Take the FREE blood test to determine your HEPATITIS B status and eligibility for the program. For hours and information call: New York Blood Center 570-3047

AIDS in America clearly traces back to the U.S. Federal government's infamous enterprise of deceit, the hepatitis B experiments performed on thousands of gay volunteers between the years 1978-1981. New York City (in 1083 gay men), San Francisco (in 7000 gay men). The experiment began in Manhattan in November 1978, when over 1,000 homosexuals and bisexuals were injected with the experimental vaccine. Dr. Wolf Szmuness' experimental hepatitis B vaccine was manufactured by the National Institute of Health (NIH). Also taking part in the study were the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta, the National Institute of Alergy and Infectious Diseases, and big drug companies such as Merck, Sharp & Dohme, and Abbott Laboratories. To be eligible for the experiment the men had to be young, healthy, promiscuous (emphasis added), and under the age of 40. For statistical purposes -- gays were set up -- the government tested and interviewed the most promiscuous gays -- those signed up in VD clinics for example, and then made the statistics fit the entire gay community. Szmuness had no trouble rounding up gays who were willing to be guinea pigs in a vaccine program that offered health benefits for themselves and their community. Most of the men in the experiment were white. Three months after the experiment began at the New York City Blood Center, the first AIDS case was discovered in a young white Manhattan gay. Beginning in March, 1980, similar vaccine experiments took place in Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, Denver and Chicago. In the fall of 1980, the first West Coast case of AIDS was reported in a young white gay man from San Francisco. To this day the New York City Blood Center refuse to release their data on the AIDS deaths following that experiment! The details of the experiment, and its effect on the health of these men, are contained in the records of the trials. However, since 1984, when 64% of the men who got the vaccine already had full-blown AIDS, no additional reports have been released (Waves Forest, "Designer Diseases", Open Road, Fall 1988, p.3). The U.S. Department of Justice is keeping this incriminating information "classified" and "unavailable" for public research and investigation. The definitive report of this study can be found in two books by Dr. Alan Cantwell, AIDS and the DOCTORS of DEATH and QUEER BLOOD. Those American gays never realized they were the victims of a secret biomedical plot directed against them. The more one studies the hepatitis B experiment, the more the connections to biological warfare and genocide become apparent. To those perceptive enough to discern it, the mass deaths of homosexuals from AIDS was similar to the mass deaths of Jews in the Holocaust!



Proving that AIDS emerged simultaneously in Africa and America in the late 1970s, Scientific American (March 1996) published, "The African AIDS Epidemic," which states: "One frequently mentioned explanation for the severe epidemic in the AIDS belt is that the virus originated here and continues to move outward from an epicenter of disease. But AIDS cases appeared in hospitals in Uganda and Rwanda at the same time they did in the West, and NO STORED HUMAN-TISSUE SAMPLES TAKEN FROM AFRICANS DURING THE 1970s ARE HIV-POSITIVE."

Dr. Robert Strecker believes the diabolic "plan" for Africa was spelled out in a 1972 memorandum published by the Bulletin of the World Health Organization. The report indicated that infection with certain retroviruses could result in "selective damage" to the immune system, particularly to white blood cells known as "T-cells." A careful study of World Health Organization literature reveals the careful planning that went into the seeding of AIDS in various nations. In 1987, the WHO was publicly accused of unleashing the AIDS epidemic in central Africa, as a result of its smallpox vaccine programs. The most logical explanation to account for the millions of Africans infected is that the vaccines used in the WHO mass inoculation programs, 1960-1977, were contaminated.

The AIDS medical establishment unquestioningly accepts the notion that a black African heterosexual AIDS epidemic transformed itself into a young white male homosexual epidemic in Manhattan. How is this biologically possible? In truth, the transformation of a black heterosexual epidemic into an exclusively white American homosexual epidemic is not biologically possible. Nevertheless, the leading AIDS experts carefully avoid all discussion of this issue. The U.S. media have censored all serious discussion of AIDS as a man-made disease, and have dismissed the accusations as propaganda of the worst sort. On the contrary, it is they the media who are disseminating the government's official line propaganda! To blame green monkeys and a rain forest virus for AIDS may be politically correct, but it is also scientifically naive.

The disease in Africa began in the cities, and not in the jungles. And the most important point of the matter is that the genetic makeup of the AIDS virus does not exist in man or primates. So not only is it improbable that the virus came from monkeys, it's virtually impossible. To further demolish the theory that HIV had been present in Africa for centuries, Dr. Horowitz cites a gene-typing study by Dr. Gerald Myers of the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Developing an HIV-tree based on archeoepidemiology, Myers concluded that "the preponderance of evidence still argues for an explosive event in the mid-1970s." Simply put, new viruses mutate rapidly while old viruses mutate slowly. HIV IS THE MOST RAPIDLY MUTATING VIRUS EVER KNOWN and Myer's genetic research pinpoints the origin of AIDS to the mid-1970s.

If you scoff at the notion that HIV was artificially created, you won't be so cocky once you see how much evidence exists! There is in fact a mass of circumstantial and scientific evidence that proves absolutely that American gays and black Africans were targeted for genocide via vaccine programs by America's military-medical-industrial complex and agents of the CIA. MR. A.H. PASSARELLA, DIRECTOR FOR THE DEPT. OF DEFENSE has recently CONFIRMED HIV IS A SYNTHETIC BIOLOGICAL AGENT. The evidence is overwhelming, the United States Government and the World Health Organization collaborated on the development, production and proliferation of a synthetic biological agent that subsequently became known as HIV and AIDS. It is a fact that people are unwittingly used as guinea pigs in covert medical experiments. The Army's LSD experiments, the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Agent Orange, the exploding Persian Gulf War Syndrome, the human radiation experiments, as well as hundreds of documented biowarfare experiments conducted by the military on unsuspecting civilians. And the National Academy of Sciences is silent on its cooperative role with the military in the development of secret biological weapons for mass killing.

Fifty years ago, splitting the atom created the threat of global annihilation. Now scientists are splitting genes and creating new diseases, with equally alarming destructive potential. AIDS is not an isolated phenomenon. It may have been only the beginning. With the advent of genetic manipulation, - recombinant engineering, some most incredible and deadly viruses can now be manufactured with little difficulty. Dr. Horowitz notes that two of the worlds leading experts in monkey virology have declared that Ebola and Marburg were also artificially created. Horowitz documents a complex network of U.S. government officials and departments, drug companies, international agencies, and well-known scientists that in the last 50 years has vigorously pursued biological warfare as a defense alternative to nuclear war. The U.S. has the largest arsenal of chemical and biological weapons in the world.

Dr. Cantwell explains how the AIDS virus was predicted by the biological warfare establishment and how biowarfare experimentation during the 1970s paved the way for the "introduction" of HIV into the gay and black communities. In the 1970s, genetic engineering of viruses was commonplace. In many laboratories it was common to transfer animal cancer viruses between animal species. And dangerous animal cancer viruses were transplanted into human cells. These experiments form the basis of human genetic experiments that now utilize animal cancer viruses to replace genetic material into human cells. By design, the public is kept ignorant of the new supergerms, microbes and viruses perfected by the biowarfare establishment over the past half century. When virologists shotgun viruses into tissue cultures and create new germs, they have no idea what kind or how many Frankenstein monsters they are creating. HIV was created in a laboratory by combining lethal animal "retroviruses" in human cancer (HeLa) cell cultures and/or calf serum. Such research, conducted in the world's most prestigious medical institutions and laboratories, is veiled in total secrecy. The Pentagon is supporting research on biological warfare in over 100 Federal and private laboratories including many prominent universities. (New Scientist, London, 5/19/88).

If you carefully study the roots of AIDS, only biowarfare makes any sense. But be careful! What you read will surprise and shock the hell out of you. You will read about military biowarfare experiments, and animal cancer experiments that will sicken your stomach. And when you finish all this - you will know what I say is true." -- Robert B. Strecker, M.D.

NOTE: These two paragraphs are from a friend's notes. -- kl, pp

Dr. Robert Strecker claimed that the Department of Defense (DOD) was given $10,000,000 in 1969, to create the AIDS virus to be used as a population-reducing (6) weapon against blacks. By use of the Freedom of Information Act Dr. Strecker was able to learn that the DOD secured funds from Congress to perform studies on immune destroying agents for germ warfare.

Once produced, the vaccine was given in two locations. Smallpox vaccine, containing HIV, was given to 100,000,000 Africans in 1977. Over 2000 young white homosexual males in New York City were given Hepatitis B vaccine that contained HIV virus in 1978. This vaccine was given at New York City Blood Center. The Hepatitis B vaccine containing the HIV was also administered to homosexual males in San Francisco, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Houston, and Chicago in 1978 and 1979. U.S. Public Health epidemiologic studies have disclosed that these same 6 cities had the hightest incidence of AIDS--Aids related Complex (ARC) and deaths from HIV, when compared to other U.S. cities.

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