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> Drugs In Your Milk
Fremen Bryan
Jul 16 2008, 12:51 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
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Did You Know All the Drugs in Your Milk?
Must-view Fox video that never aired on TV due to pressure from Monsanto.



Dairy products from cows treated with Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rBGH or rBST) could sharply increase the risk of cancer and other diseases, especially in children.

The chemicals are already banned in most industrialized nations, and it was approved in the United States on the backs of fired whistleblowers, manipulated research, and a corporate takeover at the FDA. This film (split into two parts above) includes footage prepared for a Fox TV segment that was canceled after a letter from Monsanto's attorney threatened "dire consequences."

Dr. Mercola's Comments: When it comes to defacing your food supply, you can count on Monsanto to be there front and center. In my estimation they are easily one of the world’s most evil companies, and I do not say that lightly.

Monsanto has a long history of fraud and deception. From covering up the toxicity of PCBs and Agent Orange to now producing and patenting GM seeds in an effort to control the world’s food supply, this company is lacking in even the tiniest shred of integrity.

So it should come as no surprise that earlier this year The American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology, or Afact, came out defending their right to use rBGH. This so-called grass-roots organization even went so far as to try and stop milk labels from being allowed to say they contain “no artificial growth hormone.”

Why is this not surprising? Because Afact was organized, marketed and promoted by none other than Monsanto.

Why Might You be Concerned About rBGH in Your Milk?

Samuel Epstein, MD, a scientist at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, is one of the top experts on cancer prevention. He is frequently called upon to advise Congress about things in our environment that may cause cancer, and he has written eight books, including one of the best books on the topic, Got (Genetically Engineered) Milk?

So when Dr. Epstein began speaking out against rBGH in milk, the so-called “crack for cows,” I listened.

For starters, Dr. Epstein points out that rBGH milk is “supercharged with high levels of a natural growth factor (IGF-1), excess levels of which have been incriminated as major causes of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.”

But that’s not all.

"This milk is qualitatively and quantitatively different from natural milk," states Dr. Epstein. "In addition to the issue of increased IGF-1 levels, these differences include:
  • Contamination of milk by the GM hormone rBGH
  • Contamination by pus and antibiotics resulting from the high incidence of mastitis in rBGH-injected cows
  • Contamination with illegal antibiotics and drugs used to treat mastitis and other rBGH-induced disease
  • Increased concentration of the thyroid hormone enzyme thyroxin-5'-monodeiodinase
  • Increased concentration of long-chain and decreased concentration of short-chain fatty acids
  • A reduction in levels of the milk protein casein."
Are You Drinking rBGH Milk?

You very well may be, as no labels are required. This is despite the fact that nearly every American wants it labeled, but the government, as usual, bowed to industry lobbyists and, amazingly, does not require this on the label.

However, as increasing numbers of people and dairies choose to avoid rBGH, you can find labels that say “rBGH-free” or a similar variation. Organic milk is also rBGH-free.

This is certainly preferable to milk that contains this dangerous hormone … but I still don’t recommend drinking any milk, organic or otherwise, that is pasteurized.

You can avoid both the risks of rBGH and pasteurization by only drinking raw milk that comes from a small farmer you know and trust. This is the only way to drink milk if you’re interested in protecting your health.

Looking at the bigger picture, though, this issue is really about much more than milk. It’s about protecting your food supply from all sorts of manipulation -- from rBGH and pasteurization to genetically modified crops as a whole.

A key way you can begin to do this is by avoiding GM products that come from companies like Monsanto -- and there are many of them.

To gain some insight into how best to protect your health from manipulated foods, I recommend exploring the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT). Jeffrey Smith, leading spokesperson on the dangers of GM foods (who was featured in the videos above), founded the IRT in 2003 to warn the American public about this menace. Discover the hidden hazards of GM foods for yourself, and find a non-GMO shopping guide, at Jeffrey's Web site: ResponsibleTechnology.org.

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