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Sep 22 2009, 10:12 AM

Xanada Bound

22-December 02

You have a smile I can’t believe, sudden and
absolute. I imagine I smile the same way, when
I see you. There is laughter and a question in your eyes.
I understand. I can’t quite believe the fact of you, myself.
I am as curious and intrigued about you, as you about me.
This is the time of wonder. I met you in the town where I was
born, I had not been there in ages. This feels like a joke from the
Gods: I always complain so much about living here. And then,
they give me something that shuts me up. I met you here. I have
not complained about this country since I met you. Smart move.

But still, there’s a place far from here, I’d like to show you.
There’s another city waiting for us. We’re in love and in transit,
and it feels fine.

Yin To Your Yang

All of those rocks there, all of them,
Thrown at us for as long as we can remember.
All of our dreams, all of them,
Flattened and crushed, as soon as they start taking shape.
Ah baby, who do they take us for.

Battered and bruised,
Killing? Not their aim.
Keeping us in an unimportant place is what this is about.
Ah baby, who do they think we are.
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