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> Corporate Bukaki, Persuasive essay on exposing corporate ejaculate on elected officials.
post Oct 24 2009, 11:10 AM
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Hello all you not too polite to point out what is destroyed in this country, not too weak to say something about it, and not too afraid to do something about it.

Please feel free to copy/paste my essay below and send to as many people as you want. I welcome discussion of all things from those not too weak and ignorant to have a rational discussion. 3000 words--hit it. Hopefully it'll get into a few elected representative's boxes from someone besides myself.

Corporate Bukaki Verity

It is time for verity in corporate bukaki. It is time for the American people to see who is really paying our Senators, Congress, and elected officials and where their interest lies, what influence this has, and to whom they have sold out their allegiance. It is time for us to know what corporations are paying what senators and representatives. Since they claim these monetary funds are given under freedom of speech and the First Amendment, they would not object to true freedom of speech--as in real, textual, and visual free speech by the same logic. As in show us the money. As in truth in what companies are paying what government officials and what influence this has on them.

A good example of this is currently in use already in our country. It is wildly popular, and people even emulate this for themselves already it is so popular. Representatives should follow. With this practice already in use, we immediately know which companies are paying which people at all times. (Or in this example, which people are paying which companies for the privilege of advertising for the company.) Like a person buying a Nike shirt to advertise for that company--paying to advertise for them. It is visual, clear, and indisputable. And the corporations doing this “sponsorship” are proud of it! So why not extend this on to where it would really matter and have a truthful, beneficial effect on our country? Why not allow the American populous to know exactly what corporations are paying what officials? It is a simple idea, completely effective, and affords all the transparency that such officials perpetually claim they promote.

Since these representatives figuratively wrap themselves in the flag every time they see a camera lens or microphone, it is time to have them wrap themselves in the corporate bukaki of the companies buying them instead, literally. And they should do it like NASCAR does! For each company exercising its “free speech” in giving money to an elected representative, they can have a bit of advertising real estate on the person they have paid off. With so many millions spent daily “lobbying” congress, senators, elected officials, candidates, etc., it would not take long to have each representative lit up with so many company logos, or bukaki. There will be patches for those who give money for influence to those in power (what our government calls bribery in any other country). These patches and logos of companies will be all over their clothes, wherever the company who bought the representative chooses. Since so many are such huge recipients, available space may be tight, but companies can bid on where their own logo is placed and how much surface area they will own, above the allegiance/interest of the official they already own.

Examples? What about elections? With this simple proposal, we the people can immediately determine why, for example, in his 1996 presidential bid, Senator Bob Dole said that there is no evidence that nicotine is addictive any more than milk. With this plan we could have seen his big Phillip Morris Big Tobacco patch proudly displayed on his jacket over his black lungs, and understood why he made such an asinine claim with a straight face! Since they donated such huge money to his senate seat and presidential bid and to his wife, we could see why his interest would be in promoting such deception, manipulation, and stupidity. And it would be more humane for us to understand this reason than simply attributing it to his dementia or senility. When Senator John McCain stole a song from the musician Jackson Browne and used it for his own presidential campaign without permission, he could have avoided the eventual settlement the court ordered paid to the artist for such larceny. One of the corporations owning McCain would have been more than happy to give him one of their jingles, for free! And besides, the song he stole was not even used for what the song meant. It was the opposite! As was the political affiliation of Mr. Browne. At least if McCain were liberally coated in corporate bukaki we would have know the real meaning of what he was trying to portray to us, and his jingle would have been a relevant lie versus and irrelevant song.

What about healthcare? When a senator rises to speak against the public option in healthcare, we can see the giant United HealthCare logo blazing on his jacket. And we can understand why his own public-paid social healthcare is good enough for him, all members of Congress and Senate, all military and veterans, and all Medicare recipients, but those who elected him must pay a greedy corporation for a fraction of the same care, and probably be denied coverage anyway. When a congressman is outlawing purchase of prescription medicine across our border, since it only costs 1/12th the amount for the exact same medicine, from the exact same factory and production line, in the exact same pill, we will see why. His Big Pharma logo will show why he has an interest in preventing free market competition, restricting international trade, and preventing affordable prescription drug coverage.

What about finances? When the U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson stood and said that one company, Lehman Brothers, must go bankrupt, but the other, A.I.G., must be bailed out, we can see why two similar companies in similar circumstances were treated so differently. Since this individual was the former head of Goldman Sachs, and Lehman was their biggest competitor, Lehman was told to go bankrupt. Since A.I.G. owed billions to Sachs, he gave them the bailout, so they could use it to pay Sachs, so Sachs could continue millions in bonuses and billions in profits. (Or billions in both…) Had he been wearing the Sachs bukaki, we would have seen his true allegiance for letting one fail and bailing out the other, since doing so meant he directly profited from it. His shares in the company soared, as did his pension and continued monetary “free speech” from Sachs. Had he allowed A.I.G. to fail instead, they could not have paid Sachs, and Sachs would have financially suffered, perhaps towards bankruptcy. We would have seen right away what was his real motivation and conflict of interest, since the whole process was intentionally done so secretively to begin with. It is called corruption and bribery in any other country.

What about lubricant? Big Oil executives were called before congress to testify as to why gasoline was approaching five dollars a gallon, why their record profits and bonuses are exploding, and what happened in those secret meetings with ex-Halliburton chief Dick Cheney (then Vice President.) These executives were all on Cheney’s secret energy task force. All persons testifying before Congress are required to take an oath to “ensure” their verity in their statements before Congress. It is called sworn testimony. Refusal to take the oath will result in contempt of Congress—punishable by jail time as has happened to so many in the past. But in this instance, this did not happen. Bush and Cheney ensured they did not have to testify under oath. They were allowed to say whatever they felt like and not be in jeopardy of perjury. Bush and Cheney ensured that what went on inside those secret meetings setting energy policy and ensuring such high petroleum prices would never be found out. Had we seen the Big Oil logos and advertisements on the Republican Senators and executive branch members responsible for this, it would have explained a lot. Whatever was done in those secret meetings turned out well for Big Oil companies and Bush/Cheney, but went so badly for the American people. We would have liked to see the Big Oil company ejaculate on the backs of the people making this secret policy. At least if these executives are going to lie to us in Congress (like the actual Congressmen already do) we can see why they were allowed to do so, and we can see what elected representatives were ensuring this rip off of the American people.

What about climate change? Let us have all those who deny global warming step inside the Oval Office. They were quite welcome and spent a lot of time there in the last administration. They can light off a barrel of crude oil there, and see how long it takes for them to change their mind and believe that burning hydrocarbons produces heat and pollution. Or maybe they will just stand there, since the corporate ejaculate dripping off their faces tells them to deny the reality in which they live. Remember, these are the people who ignore evidence opposing their position. Actually, they vigorously ignore irrefutable and overwhelming evidence opposing their position. And we know for what that is the definition.

What about Big Religion? With so many gods in and out of fashion and having an ear of our elected officials lately, there is much to consider here. Considering the money dumped on our representatives by such “coalitions,” this is an important topic. Some of the Stone Age gods have “evolved” (dare I say) and now even believe that the planet is round, though they deny it is older than a few thousand years. Some of the Bronze Age gods are still several centuries behind the other gods in accepting irrefutable proof against their positions. And the Dark Ages gods always seem to be the most vehement in holding onto Dark Ages beliefs. And many of the newer gods invented in only the last few hundred years are moving up in fashion nicely. And they are all very profitable! And they all want elected officials to keep their latest positions in control over the people. We the people would like to at least know which of the gods’ “people” was giving money to which representative. Already we know many officials take money from representatives of many different “faiths.” That’s really not a problem—they make even more money on it, appease the masses, and hedge the bet against which one might be more in fashion at the time. For example, when multiple officials say they do not believe in evolution (currently in vogue for some gods) we will know why. And when we see certain religious logos worn, it will explain their logic. These churches act as corporations in every other possible way—they just do not have to pay taxes for all the social benefits they demand and receive. And they are quite proud of their aggressive influence in government. There was a time when a religious test was not required to hold public office… If an official is subsidizing government money (socialism) to farmers to cross-breed cattle to evolve a better cow with higher fat, quicker slaughter weight, and disease resistance, we can understand why they do not call that evolution. Or when they cross-breed even more subsidized corn to evolve higher yield, and genetically modify other crops, we can see why they deny this evolution. Or especially when they tell us how their children have their mother’s eyes, their father’s ears, and their grandmother’s nose, we can see why that is not evolution in their definition, either. At least with a Big Religion emblem on their back, we will know they are a follower of one of the gods who believe the planet is only 7000 years old, is flat, and has the sun and all other planets revolving around it. And that religious logo proudly displayed will alleviate any questions about the existence of dinosaur remains. What is the point? The followers of different Stone Age gods want to keep their Stone Age beliefs like spitting on a wound to heal it, the earth is 7000 years old and is flat, and the sun revolves around the earth. Or rainbows are made by gods and not light refraction, beating a child with a flaming stick will cure his or her epilepsy, reading a sheep’s liver will tell the future, pigs have the devil inside them, etc. They can stay in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, or Dark Ages if they want. We would like to know which representatives they are buying in order to force these primitive beliefs on the rest of us in education, medicine, science, social policy, and the like.

What about Big War? There has only been one picture of the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, smiling. This was when he was shaking Saddam Hussein’s hand while selling him weapons. Actually, while selling him chemical weapon components (WMD) as well as conventional weapons--and a lot of it. War is profitable. And it is big profit for big corporations who depend on war for profit. And they spend a lot of money paying/pushing elected representatives for more ways to use their war devices and ways to sell them. And for manufacturing more ways to cause wars. And they make big money on war and selling these weapons to their own government, and their government’s enemies. This way they make money selling it to the enemies, and selling it to their own side, to fight it from the other side. Our own service members in Iraq today are fighting our own weapons sold to Iraq years ago by one of the champions of the current Iraq war. And it is still profitable. And those profits go to paying more lobbyists to pay more legislators to keep it status quo. With several dozen defense contractor’s corporate ejaculate dripping from Rumsfeld’s two faces and attire, we would see why it was so pleasurable for him. And see why it is so good for other warmongers today. Maybe they should all get in a circle to put this ejaculate on each other.

Next, since all branches of the military and so many other institutions are required to wear uniforms at all times on duty, and these representatives are even more self-important than any other citizen—especially other government employees, why not make it mandatory for them to be in such uniformity at all times as well? Uniformity brings solidarity and authority and respect…! They are in desperate short supply of these traits by all accounts. Just as NACSAR levies heavy fines against its drivers if they are caught in public not displaying such corporate ejaculate on their own cars, clothes, asses, and more—the same shall apply to elected officials. When they are on the floor of the house or senate, it would look like a big bold blended bukaki rainbow with all of the colors and logos plastered all over the representatives. By this, we can see what is really occurring. Certainly it would get people more interested in following government. The logos are not on something shiny going in circles for 500 miles to entertain the people here, but it can work! We can see through the illusion. They claim transparency--now we the people can at least get 1 thing they claim to do--truth.

This plan would cost the taxpayers absolutely no money, since it will be paid for by the corporations buying the elected officials. (Corporations exercising their free speech by donating money to an elected official who shares their corporate interest, in return for continued/increased action in ensuring the corporation’s interests are preserved.) Such corporate logos are aggressively ejaculated on every other bit of real estate with space available today. They are such proud institutions. So act proudly! Put the corporate bukaki where the money is spent. Show us the money! If any corporation donates money to an elected official, their logo will go on that official’s attire. Not enough room for so much bukaki? That problem can be managed later. Maybe tattoos are in order for the high rollers and lifelong contributors.

And this plan will save the taxpayer’s money. They tritely toss that term around as often as possible already. Why not inject some truth here too? Since these officials already write it off as an expense (as tax deduction) for their clothes, they would no longer need to deduct this expense on their taxes for clothing in commission of their elected duties. The citizenry wishes we could deduct the cost of clothes on our taxes too. Now there is even more incentive for elected officials to adopt this plan. Many cannot even make a 2% tip for a minimum wage waitress, they are so cheap. They would love this opportunity to save more money. The corporations who already own their ass would now pay for their clothes as well! Corporations can mark their territory with this bukaki. Hey, if you own something, you need to take care of it for maximum return on your investment. At thousands of dollars for a single suit, that tax money could go back into the treasury for such things as the $11.4 X 10 to 13th power national debt, among other pressing issues.

This is something that should be enacted into law with as much vigor and zeal as when they renamed French fries to freedom fries. Or as quickly as they give themselves annual pay raises at high multiples above inflation, but deny increases in minimum wages for years on end. This idea is something that will have a beneficial effect on the national approval rating of Congress (currently in the teens). It will cost no money, and will save the taxpayers’ money. Congress should act quickly to initiate a bill for this. With over 60 lobbyists in Washington for each Congress and Senate member, over $5 million spent for each one, and at least 6 healthcare lobbyists alone for each member, we can expect some great bukaki wardrobes in the halls of Congress soon—if they will act quickly to initiate a bill and enact this into law. It will benefit all involved, will bring verity to our legislation, will save money, and there are no legitimate reasons why not. Name one?


Is there anybody out there not too ignorant to notice, too weak to say something, or too afraid to act?
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