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> The Physics Of September Eleventh, Intelligent duscussion only please
Apr 14 2006, 06:47 PM

Freedom Advocate

19-December 02
uk dorset

how high were the plains when the calls were made?

also how long (in hight) though the jorney did the hijackes take controll of the planes?

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Apr 15 2006, 07:40 AM

Corvus Corax

15-September 03
Upstate New York

QUOTE(Fred @ Apr 14 2006, 10:47 PM) [snapback]200642[/snapback]
how high were the plains when the calls were made?

also how long (in hight) though the jorney did the hijackes take controll of the planes?

From my first post (emphasis added):
According to the 9/11 Commission Report, (link): "[W]e believe the hijacking began at 8:14 or shortly thereafter." (p.4 of chapter 1, "We Have Some Planes") Also, "Just before 8:14, it [Flight 11] had climbed to 26,000 feet, not quite its initial assigned cruising altitude of 29,000 feet." (p.4 of chapter 1, "We Have Some Planes")
The 9/11 Commission says about flight 175, "By 8:33, it [United 175] had reached its assigned cruising altitude of 31,000 feet." (p.7 of ch. 1, "We Have Some Planes") and about flight 77 "At 8:46, the flight [American 77] reached its assigned cruising altitude of 35,000 feet." (p. 8 of ch. 1, "We Have Some Planes")

Well I worked really hard on this signature and then realized it was bigger than the forum allows. You know you want to check it out.
Democracy Now! ***Independent News***
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Jun 7 2008, 09:58 PM

Urban Guerrilla

13-June 07

How come the names of the deceased who were in the plane that supposedly hit the pentagon
have not been released?

There once was a man who fourteen years ago was caught up to the highest heaven!.
Whether in the body or out of the body I don't know, only God knows.
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Fremen Bryan
Apr 1 2009, 03:10 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the N.W.O. Perpetrators of 911:-

New cell phone technology allows call from flights? What about all those 9/11 calls?

Dear friends,

Below is a very interesting article in USA Today about new technology enabling cell phone use on airplanes. We all know that you need to be within range of a cell phone tower in order to make cell phone calls. The new technology reported below sets up a beacon on planes allowing the use of cell phones. Yet, it is most interesting that all of the newspapers at the time of 9/11 reported multiple cell phone calls from the hijacked planes which could not have been within reach of a cell phone tower. Particularly on Flight 93, which crashed in the countryside of Pennsylvania, numerous calls were reported to have been made using cell phones, with at least one being a 30-minute call. How is this possible?

Note the claim towards the end of the article: "It was widely known that cell phones will sometimes work on jetliners. Some travelers use them surreptitiously. On Sept. 11, 2001, several passengers aboard hijacked airliners called loved ones." As far as I can tell, this is not at all a widely known fact. In my work as an interpreter, I have at times flown over 50,000 miles a year, yet have never seen or heard of someone making a cell phone call from a plane. Have any of you ever heard of this? Another unanswered question about 9/11. Please help spread the news.

With best wishes,

(To find articles showing multiple cell phone use on Sept. 11, 2001, type "9/11" and "cell phone calls" into your favorite search engine, or see http://www.washingtonpost.com/ac2/wp-dyn/A...anguage=printer [30-minute call] and http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/11/911.call/)

Cell phones test positive on AA flight

FORT WORTH (AP) ? With television cameramen hovering, Qualcomm chief executive Irwin Jacobs sat in the front row of coach and made one of the first legal cell phone calls from a commercial jetliner. After chatting with a telecom industry lobbyist for a few minutes, Jacobs pronounced the technology behind the airborne phone call a success, although adding that it will be improved over the next couple years.
Jacobs and a group of reporters were aboard an American Airlines jetliner Thursday as it took off from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport for a demonstration of Qualcomm's cellular technology at 25,000 feet.

The flight required special clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communications Commission, which ban the use of electronic devices abroad planes because of fear they would interfere with navigation systems and cellular networks on the ground.

"It's pretty cool," said Monte Ford, American's top technology official.

Ford said he called his wife, secretary and friends in Paris and Madrid and pronounced the quality of the links good, although he acknowledged the international connections weren't quite as good as domestic ones.

Reporters were given phones with code division multiple access, or CDMA technology, and a few minutes to make and receive calls. Qualcomm commercialized the CDMA technology used in wireless network equipment and licenses system software to cell phone makers.

Connections from the plane were generally good, although some calls were dropped. Sound quality was about the same as a regular cell call on the ground, other than the loud background noise on the MD-80 jet.

There was a delay of about one second in the voice communications, like that encountered when using a satellite phone, which interfered with natural conversation. The delay was caused by the way voices are digitally transmitted in so-called packets from the airplane to the ground.

Also, the caller could not hear the phone ringing on the other end, which caused at least one reporter to hang up while the person on the other end was shouting into the receiver.

Jacobs said San Diego-based Qualcomm would spend the next two years testing whether electronic signals interfered with the jet's avionics system. He also said the technology would be improved and the one-second delay would be shortened.

Eventually, air travelers should be able to make calls, download movies and do all sorts of other things with wireless devices aboard jetliners, he said.

"My guess is we will see the same kind of uses that you have with cell phones on the ground ? maybe even more because you're confined to a seat for some time in a plane," Jacobs said.

The cooperation between Qualcomm and American is not exclusive. Qualcomm is talking to other carriers around the world about testing CDMA phones on their jets, and American may talk to other telecommunications companies, officials said.

Qualcomm's CDMA technology is one of a few standards used worldwide to convert voice into digital form for transmission over a wireless network.

American would have an important advantage over competitors if it could become the first U.S. carrier to allow cell phone use on most of its planes, Ford said.

Several years ago, American installed seatback phones, which could be used with a credit card, on many of its planes but ripped them out except in some Boeing 777s and 767s on international routes.

"People found those phones expensive to use and not necessarily convenient," Ford said. "They waited to get on the ground to make calls with their cell phones."

The seatback phones use FAA-approved technology that doesn't interfere with jet navigation systems. Airlines generally charge about $4 a minute plus a $4 access charge.

Even before Thursday it was widely known that cell phones will sometimes work on jetliners. Some travelers use them surreptitiously. On Sept. 11, 2001, several passengers aboard hijacked airliners called loved ones.

However, the FAA and the airlines ban them because they fear that the signals could interfere with navigational equipment. The FCC bans their use from planes because the signals reach many cell-phone towers and have been shown to disrupt cellular networks.

A nonprofit aeronautics group, RTCA Inc., is working on recommendations to the FAA on guidelines for testing wireless devices.

Explore these empowering websites coordinated by Fred:
www.momentoflove.org <http://www.momentoflove.org> - Every person in the world has a heart
www.WantToKnow.info <http://www.WantToKnow.info> - Revealing major cover-ups & working together for a better world
www.gcforall.org <http://www.gcforall.org> - Building a Global Community for All
www.weboflove.org <http://www.weboflove.org> - Strengthening the Web of Love that interconnects us all
Together, we are creating a new paradigm of love and cooperation on Earth

* * * * * * *

So How Were Those
911 Cell Calls Made?

QUALCOMM Press Release

"Today, American Airlines and QUALCOMM showcased their strength as technology pioneers and market leaders in their respective industries," said Dan Garton, executive vice president of marketing for American Airlines. "American is committed to researching and providing innovative, cutting-edge products and services that enhance our passengers' traveling experience and give our customers what they value. Even though commercial availability of cell phone use in flight is approximately 24 months away, American Airlines knows that our customers want to stay connected and this proof-of-concept event is an important step in bringing in-cabin wireless services to our customers."

American Airlines and QUALCOMM Complete Test Flight to Evaluate In-Cabin Mobile Phone Use FORT WORTH, Texas and SAN DIEGO - July 15, 2004 - QUALCOMM Incorporated http://www.qualcomm.com/press/releases/2004/040715_aa_testflight.html The Strange Case Of The 911 Cell Phone Calls September 2004

Last month, Qualcomm Corporation issued a press release stating that they had developed a new technology that would finally make it possible to make cellular phone calls from commercial airliners. Using a technology called "Pico Cells", the system will work as a link between the airliner and ground towers. According to the press release, it is currently impossible to connect by cell phone in a plane that is above 4,000 feet. During the Republican National Convention in New York City last month, Deena Burnett, widow of Flight 93 victim Tom Burnett, spoke of the four telephone calls she received from her husband aboard the doomed airliner on September 11th, all of which were received from his cell phone, one of which lasted 13 minutes.

With the FAA statement that Flight 93 never went below 29,000 feet until its' sudden fatal plunge, these two stories seem to be mutually exclusive. Either it is possible to make cell phone calls from a commercial jetliner in flight at cruising altitude - or it isn't.

If it is already possible to use a cell phone on a plane, why is Qualcomm so excited about their Pico chip? If it is not possible to do so, there's an even bigger problem.

Because there are no survivors of any of the 911 planes, the only "eyewitness" testimony we have is the paraphrased transcripts of phone calls made to family members. This is where we get the descriptions of "Arab looking men" with knives and box cutters, talking about "Allah". It is from these calls we hear the immortal and heroic "Let's roll!". (for the rest of the story...) http://gatorpress.com/badsam/page5.html

Comment Alvin-san 12-23-5 I myself have attempted to use a cell (handheld; digital & analog) above 4000 feet on several occasions and have never been able to do it, nor has anyone else that I have had the occasion to speak with specifically about this phenom -hardly scientific, to be sure, but telling, nevertheless. At the very least, such a mode of communication is unreliable, at best. -Hence the (now pulled) press release ...

Be that as it may: it is HIGHLY improbable that cell phone calls were made from the planes in question under the conditions originally described; It is CERTAIN, however, that the event(s) did not unfold along the lines commonly believed, as spun by the "authorities".

9/11 was not executed by a wild arab with a "cellphone & laptop" headquartered in a cave in Afghanistan. (What an incredible LIE the West swallowed on that one.)

Comment Will Loving 12-23-5

The fallacy here is that you can't make cell calls from above 4000 feet. Of course you can; depending on the position of the phone within the plane, the plane acts like a giant antenna. That's the reason why cell use has been banned on planes because sometimes the plane body does pick up the signal, amplifying it and causing all kinds of problems with the cockpits communications. I think there may also be a distinction between analog and digital cell, with analog signals being able to travel much farther and also being more prone to causing interference.

* * * * * * *
Smoking Gun Proves "Arab Hijacker" Calls From United Airlines Flight 98 Were Faked
Filed under: May 30, 2003 - 11:56
Smoking Gun Proves "Arab Hijacker" Calls From United Airlines Flight 93 Were Faked

Cleveland Center Air Traffic Control Tape, 11 September 2001

Translation & Analysis by Joe Vialls, 17-19 September 2002

Though this discontinuous pre-edited tape from AirDisaster. com cannot be verified as genuine, there is a high probability the audible segments which remain probably are. So far as I am aware, AirDisaster. com has never in the past advertised material it knows or even suspects is false.

Readers are cautioned to be critical of the edited content however, especially when listening to the audio tape itself, which is linked at the bottom of this web page. Though the Cleveland controller appears to infer that two distorted radio calls about a "bomb" originate from United Flight 93, this is not actually the case. By repeatedly calling Flight 93, the controller is actually trying to determine whether or not the calls originated from that aircraft. More importantly perhaps, as you will read further down this page, the Cleveland Center tape proves unequivocally that the "Arab Hijacker with Bomb" calls were complete fakes.

At the start of the tape a young American voice, which appears to be Flight 93's co-pilot, confirms check-in at the aircraft's intended cruising altitude of Flight Level 350 [35,000 feet] , and then looks for conflicting air traffic as instructed by Cleveland Center. But after these two brief exchanges with Cleveland there are no further proven transmissions from United Flight 93 at all. Nor are there any proper RDF [radio-direction-finding] logs available to prove the point of origin of the wholly independent "bomb" claims, which could easily have been transmitted from another unidentified aircraft, or from the ground.

Paradoxically, if we allow that the initial two calls from United Flight 93 regarding cruising altitude and conflicting traffic are genuine, then there is a very strong case for claiming the later calls about a "bomb" did NOT originate from the same aircraft. The quality of the first transmission is Signal strength 5, Readability 5, (5/5) while the quality of the later "bomb" transmissions is at best 5/1.

It is ridiculous to claim that transmission quality would [or could] drop suddenly from 5/5 to 5/1 because a mythical "hijacker" was "excited". This crafted radio signal deterioration and loud carrier interference is far more likely to be the work of an unidentified "special effects" department, perhaps hell-bent on making listeners later believe that the suitably distorted "guttural" voice belongs to an "Arab hijacker" trying to steal an American airliner.

Such a claim is not far fetched, because other obvious examples of forward planning and "seeded" evidence can be found everywhere in this case. Most readers remember an anonymous person located two blocks away from the World Trade Center in New York, who allegedly found "Ringleader" Mohammed Atta's [paper] passport and handed it to the FBI just a few hours after the strike on September 11th . Photographs of this authentic slightly-singed "miracle" passport were later published on the FBI web site.

New York Fire Department records show that not a single scrap of paper from American Flight 77 (sic ?) or United 175 survived the impacts on the twin towers, so in turn we know with 100% certainty that Atta's passport was handed to the FBI as a deliberate ploy, perhaps by the same person who earlier murdered Mohammed Atta in order to obtain it. There are other examples including "Flight Manuals" in abandoned hire cars and so on, but we don't need to go into that here.

As you read the tape transcript below, bear in mind that Cleveland Center and at least two of the aircraft named are monitoring more than one radio frequency. This is quite normal in aviation, but the staggering truth it reveals about Flight 93 on September 11, will be explained after you have read and digested the transcript itself.

TRANSCRIPT Not 100% accurate, but as close as possible with tape distortion Cleveland:: United ninety-three check in when flight level three-five-zero - unintelligible -

United 93: United ninety-three check in three-five-zero

Cleveland: United ninety-three, three-five-zero Roger. United ninety-three you have traffic to your one o'clock, twelve miles eastbound three-seven-zero

United 93 Negative contact, we're looking United ninety-three

Cleveland: Somebody call Cleveland? [no noise on this Cleveland tape, must be a different frequency being monitored by Cleveland on another tape] United ninety-three verify three-five-zero, United ninety-three verify your flight level, er, three-five-zero. United ninety-three verify your flight level is three-five-zero. United ninety-three Cleveland, United ninety-three Cleveland. United ninety-three do you read Cleveland Center please?

United 797: United fifteen twenty-three, did you hear the company, er did you hear some other aircraft on a frequency a couple of minutes ago, screaming?

United 1523: Yes I did seven ninety-seven and, ah, we couldn't tell what it was either.

United 797: OK

Cleveland: United ninety-three Cleveland, if you hear the center, ident [command for United 93 to send secondary radar transponder positive identification]

American 1060 American ten-sixty er, ditto also on the other transmission.

Cleveland: American ten-sixty you heard that also?

American 1060: We heard it twice.

Cleveland: Roger, we heard that also [no noise on Cleveland tape] thanks. We just wanted to confirm that wasn't some interference.

Executive 956: Executive nine fifty-six

Cleveland: Executive nine fifty-six go

Executive 956: Just answering your call. We could year that, er, yelling too

Cleveland: OK thank you, we're just trying to figure out what's going on

Unknown: - unintelligible - this is captain please sit down, remain sitting, we have a bomb on board [Signal strength 5, Readability 1]

Cleveland: Uh, calling Cleveland Center you're unreadable, say again slowly

Executive 956 -Unintelligible - sounded like he said he had a bomb on board

Cleveland: Uh, say again, you there United ninety-three?

Executive 956 - unintelligible - was reasonable, sounded like someone said they had a bomb on board

Cleveland: That's what we thought, we just, er, we didn't get it clear. United ninety-three calling. Executive nine fifty-six, aircraft - unintelligible - transmitting at twelve o'clock one-five miles. Turn left heading two-two-five I'll get you away from him. OK he's climbing so I want to keep everybody away from him.

Executive 956: OK I think we got him in sight.

Cleveland: Nineteen eighty-nine I have traffic for you in your eleven o'clock, fifteen miles southbound forty-one climbing, looks like he's turning east wide at three-six-zero

Unknown: - unintelligible - This is the captain. We have a bomb on board, - unintelligible - I am going back to the airport, they have met our demands unintelligible -[Signal strength 5, Readability 1]

Cleveland: United ninety-three calling. United ninety-three understand you have a bomb on board, go ahead [Cleveland controller makes assumption that special effects "bomb" transmission is United Flight 93, but this is not confirmed]. Executive nine fifty-six did you understand that transmission?

Executive 956: Affirmative. He said there was a bomb on board

Cleveland: And that was all you got out of it also?

Executive 956: Affirmative

Cleveland: Ninety-three go ahead

Executive 956: Is that aircraft you're talking about eastbound?

Cleveland: He's just turned to the east of you, United ninety-three do you hear Cleveland Center? American ten-sixty and Executive nine fifty-six, we just lost the target on that aircraft

Executive 956: Executive nine fifty-six, we had a visual on it, just stand by

Cleveland: You have a visual on it now?

Executive 956: We did, but we lost it in the turn

Cleveland: You can make a turn back to two-twenty heading, let me know if you can see him

Executive 956: He's still there. We've got him, from nine fifty-six

Cleveland: He's still there, er, what, about twenty-five miles?

Executive 956: Affirmative from nine fifty-six

Cleveland: Vector nine fifty-six, turning one-eight-zero

Executive 956: Er, negative turning nine fifty-six, he appears to be heading right towards us

Cleveland: American ten-sixty do you see anybody north-west of you, can you see back that far there?

American 1060: We're looking now, Sir

Cleveland: United ninety-three Cleveland do you still hear the Center. United ninety-three do you still hear Cleveland. United ninety-three, United niner-three do you hear Cleveland? United ninety-three, United ninety-three Cleveland. United ninety-three, United ninety-three do you hear Cleveland Center?

Cleveland (2): [Voice changes to female, apparently second Cleveland controller] Do you see any, ah, activity on your right side, smoke or anything like that?

American 1060: Negative. We're searching [two second pause] Yeah, we do have a smoke puff now at about, er, oh probably two o'clock. There appears to be just a spire up like a puff of black smoke END OF TAPE Though some of the aircraft and the Cleveland controller could apparently hear the 'screams" mentioned in the earlier part of the transcript, we could not. This is not necessarily sinister. Controllers and aircrew commonly monitor and/or transmit on more than one VHF (Very High Frequency) channel at the same time. The simplest example of this is that regardless of which channel they happen to be working, all controllers and most aircrew simultaneously monitor [guard] the emergency frequency of
121.5 Megahertz, used by aircraft in dire emergency. In a sense then, by constantly monitoring 121.5 on the special guard receiver, everyone is watching everyone else's back all of the time. It can and frequently does get more complicated than this. Airliners carry a minimum of two VHF radios which can be used on different frequencies at the same time. For example, the co-pilot might be working Cleveland Center on VHF 1, while the captain simultaneously speaks to the airline company base station on VHF 2. In like manner, Centers like Cleveland use more than one frequency at a time for different purposes. All of this can be very confusing for readers with no radio telephony experience. Cleveland Center and all other air traffic facilities have a legal duty to record all transmissions on tape, but clearly cannot use a single tape to record all frequencies simultaneously. If they did, the result would be garbled unintelligible rubbish. Instead, Cleveland Center runs a tape for each individual working frequency like the one transcribed above, runs a special tape for 121.5 emergency, then stores all of them separately in the archives for later reference if needed.

Because the Cleveland Controller and also pilots from different airlines heard the screams that we did not, it is thus proved they were transmitted by someone using the emergency frequency of 121.5 Megahertz, which was the only common frequency for all participants that day. Cleveland Center could not be tuned to any airline company frequency, the individual airliners could not be tuned in to each other's company frequencies, and the airliners could not be working two different Cleveland channels at the same time. Under these precise radio rules and conditions, the only possibility left is the common guard frequency of 121.5 Megahertz, monitored by everyone on the day but recorded on a different tape at Cleveland Center. Though this is very obvious to us now, because we alone have the benefit of the single-channel working tape from Cleveland's archives [but not the 121.5 emergency tape], it would certainly not have been obvious to Cleveland Center or the aircraft under its control that day. To all participants on September 11, without the benefit of this single-channel tape recorder isolation, the unidentified radio transmissions could have come from anywhere. Forget mythical hijackers transmitting on this emergency frequency "by mistake" because it cannot happen. The "guard" receiver on an aircraft is simply a receiver that works in parallel with the receivers on all other frequencies, allowing crews to monitor [listen to] the emergency frequency at all times. You can listen to the guard receiver, but you cannot talk on it. If you have a real emergency and need to tell the world in a hurry, you must first dial up 121.5 Megahertz physically on one of the main VHF radios, and then transmit. So whoever pulled this misleading scam was quite deliberately using two entirely different frequencies in sequence, one after the other. To start the ball rolling the perpetrators deliberately used the emergency channel because everyone within radio range would hear the "screams" on guard, regardless of whether they were transmitting or receiving on another working frequency at the same time. Remember that the "guard" receiver works in parallel at 110% volume, ensuring all aircrew and controllers hear emergency messages on 121.5 over [louder than] their other radio activities. This was the "attention getter" for the scam, and it certainly worked. We know from the transcript that Cleveland Center heard the "screams", as did United 797 and 1523, American 1060 and Executive 956. So let us look at this again. The Cleveland ground controller heard the "screams", as did the crews of aircraft belonging to three different airlines, but there is no record of the screams on the Cleveland Center tape of the working channel that we are now listening to. Case proved. Then it was time for phase two, i. e. leaving guttural and thus menacing "bomb" messages on the Cleveland working channel tape, which the perpetrators knew would eventually be examined by NTSB and FAA investigators. The trick here is to notice their exact timing. "Panicky Hijackers" have no regard at all for correct radio telephony procedures because they don't know what they are, so any genuine uncoordinated "panicky" transmissions would have certainly overlapped other aircraft communications on this busy channel, resulting in severely distorted and partly unreadable threats. The unknown perpetrators of this covert operation were not stupid, and knew that for the faked threats to be "correctly" interpreted by the authorities later, they would have to be transmitted precisely in between other aircraft working the Cleveland channel. Notice on the tape itself, that each of the two "we have a bomb on board" messages is very carefully inserted BETWEEN transmissions from Cleveland Center and the other aircraft. There is not the slightest trace of overlap. Though a "panicky hijacker" might accidentally manage this once with a long garbled transmission, the odds of him doing it twice in a row in a ten-minute period are more than ten million-to-one against. To date, the American Government and media have peddled so many outright lies about 9/11, it is difficult knowing what to suggest where this new entirely scientific evidence is concerned. After all, who would listen? Idiot George will go on aimlessly mumbling "We're gonna bring 'em to justice", and Tricky Dickey will continue asking his real bosses in Tel Aviv for new orders. I suppose it might be a good idea to bring this matter to the attention of the Defence Chiefs at the Pentagon, but I personally haven't got the time.


Note: I have managed to locate full details for all flights mentioned in the transcript with the exception of Executive 956. If anyone out there has access to the flight plan filed for Executive Flight
956 on 11 September 2001, will you please email a copy to
homestead@bluemail.ch Thanks. Click here to listen to Cleveland Center Air Traffic Audio Tape

Back To: 'Let's Roll on Flight 93'

Flight 77 Flight 63 Electronic Hijack Vialls Investigations

This web page may be mirrored or copied unedited in the public interest


* * * * * * *
Two 911 Jetliners EXCEEDED
Their Software Barriers

Submitted by Anonymous 8-17-02

The Boeing 757 and 767 are equipped with fully autonomous flight
capability, they are the only two Boeing commuter aircraft capable of
fully autonomous flight. They can be programmed to take off, fly to a
destination and land, completely without a pilot at the controls.

They are intelligent planes, and have software limits pre set so that
pilot error cannot cause passenger injury. Though they are physically
capable of high g maneuvers, the software in their flight control
systems prevents high g maneuvers from being performed via the
cockpit controls. They are limited to approximately 1.5 g's, I
repeat, one and one half g's. This is so that a pilot mistake cannot
end up breaking grandma's neck.

No matter what the pilot wants, he cannot override this feature.

The plane that hit the Pentagon approached or reached its actual
physical limits, military personnel have calculated that the Pentagon
plane pulled between five and seven g's in its final turn.

The same is true for the second aircraft to impact the WTC.

There is only one way this can happen.

As well as fully autonomous flight capability, the 767 and 757 are
CONTROL. It is a feature that is standard to all of them, all 757's
and 767's can do it. The purpose for this is if there is a problem
with the pilots, Norad can fly the planes to safe destinations via
remote. Only in this flight mode can those craft exceed their
software limits and perform to their actual physical limits because a
pre existing emergency situation is assumed if this mode of flight is

Terrorists in fact did not fly those planes, it is totally and
completely impossible for those planes to have been flown in such a
manner from the cockpit. Those are commuter aircraft, not F-16's and
their software knows it.

Another piece of critical evidence: the voice recorders came up

The flight recorders that were recovered had tape that was undamaged
inside, but it was blank. There is only one way this can happen on a
757 or 767. When the aircraft are commandeered via remote control,
the microphones that go to the cockpit voice recorder are re routed
to the people doing the remote controlling, so that the recording of
what happened in the cockpit gets made in a presumably safer place.
But due to a glitch in the system on a 757/767, rather than shutting
off when the mic is redirected the voice recorder keeps running. The
voice recorders use what is called a continuous loop tape, which
automatically re passes itself past the erase and record heads once
every half hour, so after a half hour of running with the microphones
redirected, the tape
will be blank. Just like the recovered tapes were. Yet more proof
that no pilot flew those planes in the last half hour.

Eight of the hijackers who were on those planes called up complaining
that they were still alive. I'd bet you never heard about our foreign
minister flying to Morocco and issuing an official apology to the
accused, did you? No, terrorists did not fly those planes, plastic
knives and box cutters were in fact too ridiculous to be true. Any of
the remaining accused have certainly been sought out and killed by

Our information IS controlled

The cell phone calls from the aircraft could not have happened. I am
a National Security Agency trained Electronic Warfare specialist, and
am qualified to say this. My official title: MOS33Q10, Electronic
Warfare Intercept Strategic Signal Processing/Storage Systems
Specialist, a highly skilled MOS which requires advanced knowledge of
many communications methods and circuits to the most minute level. I
am officially qualified to place severe doubt that ordinary cell
phone calls were ever made from the aircraft.

It was impossible for that to have happened, especially in a rural
area for a number of reasons.

When you make a cell phone call, the first thing that happens is that
your cell phone needs to contact a transponder. Your cell phone has a
max transmit power of five watts, three watts is actually the norm.
If an aircraft is going five hundred miles an hour, your cell phone
will not be able to 1. Contact a tower, 2. Tell the tower who you
are, and who your provider is, 3. Tell the tower what mode it wants
to communicate with, and 4. Establish that it is in a roaming area
before it passes out of a five watt range. This procedure, called an
electronic handshake, takes approximately 45 seconds for a cell phone
to complete upon initial power up in a roaming area because neither
the cell phone or cell transponder knows where that phone is and what
mode it uses when it is turned on. At 500 miles an hour, the aircraft
will travel three times the range of a cell phone's five watt
transmitter before this handshaking can occur. Though it is sometimes
possible to connect during takeoff and landing, under the situation
that was claimed the calls were impossible. The calls from the
airplane were faked, no if's or buts.

I hope I made sense, if you have questions I will respond if
possible. If I do not respond, please research this out yourself,
search the boeing site, search the DARPA site, search were you have
not searched before. Some of the information is classified and leaked
by individuals, and it is also being scoured from the net. I have all
of the original documents on my computer to safeguard against this.

Please do not ignore this, because only Norad has the flight codes
for those aircraft, we did 911 to ourselves. Hitler had the
Reichstag, we have 911. If 911 proves to not be enough to make the US
citizenry set aside its rights for safety, the people who did 911
most certainly have access to nuclear material. 911 must be exposed
for what it was before that material is used.


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Fremen Bryan
May 13 2009, 04:05 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe


With a peer-reviewed scientific journal having published "loaded gun" (i.e. unreacted nano-thermite) evidence finally proving beyond doubt that World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2 and 7 were brought down in a series of controlled demolitions, here are a few more facts to consider.

It wasn't Muslims in an Afghan cave who had access to highly energetic nano-thermites; it was the US military and government scientists such as those connected with NIST.

It wasn't Muslims who ran a construction company that was awarded a $124 million contract for construction of the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) headquarters in Washington, DC, which oversees the Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC-IH), which was described during the 1990s as the "National Center for Energetics", the military's term for "explosives work", and as of 1999-2000 the "only reliable source of aluminum nanopowders in the United States"; it was Tom Leppert who was CEO of Turner Construction as of 9/11/01, and who even writes parts of Presidential speeches.

It wasn't Muslims who ran a construction company that had supervised the 2000 demolition of the Seattle Kingdome, participated in the post 9/11 collection and disposal of the steel wreckage of the WTC towers, and carried out extensive renovations throughout the World Trade Center complex right up to the morning of 9/11 including fireproofing upgrades on the floors that were struck by planes and subsequently "failed", when the steel had already been certified to ASTM E119 by Universal Laboratories, and, in tests sponsored by NIST on corresponding floor assemblies subjected to greater heat exposure and protected with less fireproofing than was the case at the WTC, the test specimens "were able to sustain the maximum design load" without collapsing for as long as the tests were run (2 to 3 1/2 hours); it was Tom Leppert who was CEO of Turner Construction as of 9/11/01received a Torch of Conscience award from the American Jewish Congress.

It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the World Trade Center Towers prior to the first aircraft impact, who danced and celebrated with high fives prior to the second impact as most onlookers still believed it had been a terrible accident rather than terrorism, and who were caught with foreign passports, $4,700 in cash hidden in a sock, maps highlighting certain places in the city, and a van that tested positive for traces of explosives; it was Israelis Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari, several of whom have been confirmed as Mossad agents, as part of their job in "documenting the event".

It wasn't Muslims who were caught on 9/11/01 operating in teams with vans full of explosives, including one team who attempted to blow up the George Washington Bridge with a truck packed with tons of explosives, and another who blew up a van between 6th and 7th on King Street with a mural painted of a remote controlled airplane diving into New York and blowing up; it was Israelis, which is why the authorities did their best to ignore and bury these reports which included a suspected van bomb driven into the WTC basement and exploded to weaken the structure.

It wasn't Muslims who were caught shortly after midnight on May 7, 2002 very close to the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, Oak Harbor, Wash., (where the Navy conducts explosive ordnance training for bomb disposal mobile units to the consternation of local marine life) with a rental truck that tested positive for TNT and RDX plastic explosives; it was Israelis whose cover story was of "delivering furniture" but regarded by authorities as dubious because of the early morning hour, and the authorities' subsequent claim that the dog's reaction and initial tests for explosives were wrong is so full of holes that it merely demonstrates the power of the Israeli lobby.

It wasn't Muslims who were in New York on 9/11 and in London on the morning of the 7/7 attacks; it was Benjamin Netanyahu and Rudy Giuliani.

It wasn't Muslims who received advance warning of the London 7/7 attacks; it was Benjamin Netanyahu and the Mossad.

It wasn't Muslims who provided two hours' advance warning of an attack on the World Trade Center via an instant messaging company based in Herzliya; it was Israelis.

It wasn't a Muslim who fled the US on September 14, 2001; it was Dominick Suter of "Urban Moving Systems" who fled to Israel.

It wasn't over a hundred Muslims who, from around January 2000 to September 2001, posed as "art students" and attempted to penetrate US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) offices and other federal buildings including 36 sensitive Department of Defense (DoD) sites, were caught with diagrams of the interior of federal buildings and photographs of federal agents and often evaded security by entering through back doors or parking garages, and even visited the homes of senior federal officials but not those of their neighbors; it was Israelis, none of whom were "art students" but many of whom had backgrounds in Israeli military intelligence. Not surprisingly, the Press went for a limited hangout by trying to pretend the Israelis were merely shadowing "Arab hijackers" and either failed to pass on information, or "it was not treated seriously", the old canard about "intelligence failure". The operations of the Israeli fake "art students" is well documented, including plenty of names and even descriptions. An unusually large number of these Israelis were located in Irving, Dallas, TX (p.23, previous link), which is about ten miles west of Tom Leppert's Alva Court home, which is barely more than a mile north of the Dallas home that George W. Bush moved into after leaving office.

It isn't Muslim countries that have a massive spy ring in the USA capable of tapping into much of the telecoms network and using information obtained to blackmail Americans; it is Israel.

It wasn't Muslims who received advance warning on Monday September 10, 2001, against flying the next day; it was San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, and a group of top Pentagon officials.

It wasn't Muslims who acquired a 99-year lease on the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, Buildings Four and Five and approximately 400,000 square feet of retail space, and insured for billions of dollars against terror attacks a mere six weeks before terror attacks did in fact occur, and then employed (to press for the insurance claim) a 'structural engineer' who misleadingly asserts that steel loses half its strength at "400 degrees"; it was - in a deal negotiated by Lewis Eisenberg of the Port Authority - Benjamin Netanyahu's (and Ariel Sharon's and Ehud Barak's) friendSilverstein and his partner Australian billionaire and "Holocaust survivor" Frank Lowy who fought "in the Jewish underground", was embroiled in a high-level bank corruption scandal with Israeli Premier Ehud Olmert and found to be making payments to Lord (Michael Abraham) Levy who was arrested several times in relation to a "cash for honors" scandal, Levy being a "tennis partner" and advisor of Tony Blair.

It isn't Muslims who have a reputation for perpetrating arson scams in order to claim off insurance companies as evidenced by any colloquial use of the term "Muslim lightning"; it is Jews as evidenced by the recognized term "Jewish lightning".

It wasn't Muslims who normally breakfasted at the Windows on the World restaurantnone of whom escaped from the floors above the aircraft impact at 8:46 AM); it was Larry Silverstein who was spared due to having a "dermatologist's appointment", an event which also spared his two children who worked at Silverstein Properties.

It wasn't a Muslim who went on TV within hours of the attacks to tell everyone that "It... certainly has the fingerprints of somebody like bin Laden" and the World Trade Center had collapsed because of "the velocity of the plane" and "intense heat probably weakened the structure as well", and who reportedly on that very day advised the White House to take Cipro, an effective antibiotic against anthrax, seven days before the commencement of an anthrax letters terror campaign targeted at Democratic U.S. Senators and news media offices, who on 9/11/01 was a managing director of the crisis and consequence management group at Kroll Associates, who was an advisor to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) regarding "epidemiological surveillance" and national security advisor at the National Institute of Health (NIH), and who gave his 'friend' John O'Neill a job as Head Of Security at the World Trade Center; it was Jerome Hauer.

It wasn't Muslims who carried out a terror campaign mailing letters containing anthrax spores that had their electrostatic charge altered so that they would disperse more readily, anthrax that was traced to the weapons grade Ames strain originating at the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseasesat Fort Detrick, neither was it the FBI's final "suspect" Roman Catholic Bruce Ivins, who, unlike the true perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, had no motive to target news media and Opposition Senators and thereby scare them into uncritical acceptance of the "Arab hijackers" conspiracy theory. Ivins died of an overdose and alleged "suicide" in July 2008 after the FBI gave up attempting to pin the blame on Steven Hatfill because there was not a scintilla of evidence against him; a logical suspect is Philip M. Zack who left Fort Detrick under a cloud in December 1991 after having headed a clique calling itself the "Camel Club" that was racially harassing Egyptian-born Dr. Ayaad Assaad. Zack was found by a 1992 inquiry to have been caught on surveillance camera being let into a Fort Detrick lab building at 8:40 p.m. on Jan. 23, 1992 apparently by Dr. Marian Rippy, a lab pathologist and close friend of Zack. The inquiry also found someone had been in a lab late at night secretly conducting unauthorised research, evidently on anthrax believed to include the Ames strain. Nearly ten years on, during the week between 9/11 and the commencement of the anthrax campaign, the FBI received an anonymous letter attempting to frame Dr. Assaad as a "bioterrorist". The anthrax letters seemed contrived so as to appear to have been written by a Muslim, and a New York Times writer told of a "Mr. Z." who failed some FBI polygraph tests and was once caught with a girlfriend at Fort Detrick "surrounded only by blushing germs".

It wasn't a Muslim who was claimed to have been killed on the alleged American Airlines "Flight 77", to have lived at Silver Spring, Maryland (as did a certain Rabbi Dr. Dov Zakheim), and to have worked on top-secret "deep-black" projects at the Indian Head Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC-IH), a "renowned leader in energetics" which operates an "Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center", carries out "advanced research in energetic systems" and "absorbed the function of the closed Naval Ordnance Laboratory, formerly in White Oak, MD" which is a couple miles from Silver Spring; it was William E. Caswell.

It wasn't Muslims who were claimed to have been killed on the alleged "Flight 77" and who worked for government or defense, particularly the Navy; it was John Yamnicky who, strangely, for the first time did not tell his daughter that he was going on travel, and who, like William Caswell, had worked for the Navy on top-secret "black" projects. Others included Charles Burlingame, a former Navy fighter pilot who used to work in the section of the Pentagon that was hit and who had formulated a response for the eventuality of an airliner being flown into the Pentagon and whose daughter Wendy subsequently died in a "suspicious fire" at a 50-story high-rise in New Jersey in December 2006, Wilson "Bud" Flagg, a retired American Airlines pilot and Navy Admiral, Stanley Hall, an expert in anti-radar technology and a director of program management at Raytheon, Bryan Jack, a senior executive and top budget analyst who worked at the Pentagon, Chandler Keller, a Boeing propulsion engineer, Dong Lee, a Boeing engineer who worked for their Integrated Defense Systems and who had worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) for 14 years, Barbara Olson, CNN commentator and wife of the US Solicitor General who claimed to have received cell phone calls from "Flight 77", Ruben Ornedo, a Boeing propulsion / satellite communications engineer, Robert Penniger, an electrical engineer with BAE Systems, and another dozen alleged "Flight 77 passengers" who were linked to defense and government who, we are told, all just happened to be on this unusually low occupancy flight. These people, well loved and respected as honest, decent heroes, are the very sort of characters whose work could have been horrifically exploited without their knowledge, and whom the 9/11 perpetrators would need to eliminate to prevent them speaking out after the attacks.

It wasn't Muslims who profited by speculating on airline and insurance stocks in advance of 9/11; it was Israelis.

It wasn't Muslims who concocted a hoax about pork-swilling, money-eschewing, celibate, truthful, courageous, pro-animal rights, "devout Jews" who were "suicide hijackers / pilots", almost half of whom later turned up alive and well; it was Jews who concocted a hoax about drinking, gambling, strip joint-frequenting, womanizing, "devout Muslims" who were "suicide hijackers / pilots", almost half of whom later turned up alive and well.

It wasn't a Muslim who was a former unit team leader in an elite special forces unitwhose father was a senior aide, secretary and pallbearer to a man who in 1937 was commander of the Irgun Tzvai Leumi, a Jewish terrorist organizationKing David Hotel bombing; it was Benjamin Netanyahu.

It wasn't a Muslim who was the mentor of Benjamin Netanyahu's father Benzion and who wrote a column in the Revisionist Zionist magazine Doar Hayom under the title "From the Notebook of a Fascist", praising Mussolini and referring to one-time commander of the Irgun Ze'ev (Vladimir) Jabotinsky as "our Duce"; it was Abba Ahimeir the founder of Revisionist Maximalism, a Jewish fascist ideology.

It wasn't Muslim terrorists who plotted to assassinate British foreign secretary Ernest Bevin; it was Jewish terrorists.

It wasn't Muslims who orchestrated, and whose operatives were caught red-handedfailed false-flag terrorist campaign in Egypt; it was Israel.

It wasn't Muslims who attacked the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans, and had the US President saying "I don't give a damn if every man drowns and the ship sinks. I don't want to embarrass our allies"; it was Israel.

It wasn't Muslims who were evacuated "apparently due to a specific security threat" in advance of the Amman, Jordan terror attacks
and Larry on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower, but by some bizarre coincidence did not happen to be there on 9/11 and were thus spared the fate of occupants on that tragic day ( (USAMRIID) and responsible for atrocities such as the in, a on November 9, 2005 (9/11 by Israeli and European calendars), which included a blast at the Radisson hotel that was known to have emanated from a bomb hidden in a false ceiling, even though the official story held that it was really the work of "suicide bombers" and therefore by some bizarre coincidence the ceiling bomb must have been placed there previously by someone else; it was Israelis who were evacuated in advance of these attacks in which there were no Jewish casualties, most of the dead were Jordanian Sunni Muslims, two Israeli casualties were both Arabs, and five Palestinians diedMajor-General Bashir Nafeh, the head of military intelligence in the West Bank.

It wasn't Muslims who were caught and arrested inside the Mexican Congress chamber on October 10, 2001 in possession of guns, grenades, dynamite, detonators and wiring while posing as "press photographers"; it was Mossad agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and Israeli illegal immigrant Saur Ben Zvi at the very time that Zionists would obtain maximum benefit from a false-flag terror attack that would mobilize support for the war on "Muslim terrorists" in Afghanistan that had been launched only three days previously.

It wasn't Muslims who were convicted and jailed for six months in 2004 for fraudulently attempting to obtain a New Zealand passport in the name of a tetraplegic man; it was Mossad agents Uriel Kelman and Eli Cara who were seeking to create a false identity for Zev Barkan.

It wasn't Muslims who claimed to know the identity of "suicide hijackers" Abdulaziz al-Omari and Saeed al-Ghamdi when, since individuals with the exact same names and other personal details such as birth date, place and occupation subsequently turned up alive and well, the population of Saudi Arabia in 1975 was 7,180,000 and even given a high annual birth rate of 30 per 1,000 and ignoring infant mortality the daily birth rate was only 590 and so it is highly improbable that individuals would share the exact same name, birth date, place and occupation, al-Omari's passport had been stolen in 1995 when his apartment was burgled in Denver, Colorado (a state where Mossad agents have been active), and only utter cretins would steal the identities of people with a different appearance but having their exact same name, place, date of birth and occupation, ergo those hypothetical "suicide hijackers" would have had entirely different names; it was the FBI who published a list claiming that the 9/11 perpetrators included Abdulaziz al-Omari and Saeed al-Ghamdi in addition to several others who had turned up alive and well, and even though the FBI admitted that some hijackers may have used stolen identities and that there is "no legal proof to prove the identities of the suicidal hijackers," they denied having misidentified the alleged "suicide hijackers" and refused to change the names, photographs or backgrounds on their list - albeit obfuscating and trying to cover themselves by including multiple spellings and aliases.

It wasn't Muslims who were behind a failed coup in Turkey; it was crypto-Jew and Mossad agent pseudo-Rabbi Tuncay Guney, who fled to Canada in 2004, and who in 2001 lived in New Jersey towns that were centers of activity for Mossad Urban Moving Systems operatives.

It wasn't Muslims who set up an "al Qaeda cell" in Palestine; it was the Israeli Mossad.

It wasn't Muslims who had established a reputation for having the capability to stage false-flag terror attacks, i.e., to target U.S. forces and make it look like the act of a third party, prior to 9/11; it was the Mossad.

It wasn't a Muslim who infiltrated the Pentagon and betrayed his country of birth by selling classified documents to another country that were then traded to the USSR; it was convicted spy Jonathan Pollard whose treachery resulted in stolen nuclear secrets being passed on to the USSR with Israel as the paying intermediary.

It wasn't Muslims who were running an exercise commencing at 9:00 a.m. on the morning of 9/11 involving a plane crashing into a tower; it was officials at the National Reconnaissance Office, Chantilly, VA.

It wasn't a Muslim who, in response to the question "Do the orders still stand?" regarding the response - or more precisely, the lack of response - to an aircraft that was rapidly homing in on the Pentagon and ten miles out after both of the Twin Towers had already been hit by planes more than half an hour previously, whipped his neck around and replied "Of course the orders still stand. Have you heard anything to the contrary?"; it was Dick Cheney.

It wasn't a Muslim who was CEO of a company that made remote control "Flight Termination Systems" that could electronically hijack in-flight aircraft and steer them into targets by means of a "Command Transmitter System"; it was Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

It wasn't a Muslim who, well aware that a percentage of trillions of dollars is still hundreds of billions of dollars, took a position as Comptroller of the Pentagon in May 2001 when it was already public knowledge that the Pentagon's accounting systems were in complete disarray with $6.9 trillion of "adjustments" having been required in an attempt to make the figures add up, and with no receipts for $2.3 trillion of these hard to track changes on non-integrated computer systems and antiquated paperwork that could be readily taken out by a missile or plane strike on the relevant auditing section at the Pentagon, and who subsequently delivered a commemorative sermon on the Pentagon lawn to hundreds of co-religionists from 40 countries six months after such a terror strike did in fact occur killing at least 34 budget analysts / accountants / financial experts; it was Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

It wasn't a Muslim who was at a breakfast meeting with Donald Rumsfeld when the first plane hit the WTC, and was at the Army Navy Country Club "when the plane that hit the Pentagon came right over the top of the Army Navy Club and bounced down the hill and hit the side of the Pentagon"; it was Thomas E. White, who is linked to the Enron fraud, who participated in JINSA trips to Israel, e.g. with his wife Susan in 1997, and who was sworn in as Secretary of the Army on May 31, 2001 which is 27 days after George W Bush appointed Rabbi Dov Zakheim as Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller of the Pentagon, both White and Zakheim having been placed by Bush at the Pentagon where more than $2 trillion of transactions had no receipts and Pentagon finances were vulnerable to a "terror attack" that would target the appropriate auditing section.

It wasn't Muslims who in 2000 co-authored a document which called for a "new Pearl Harbor"; it was Roger Barnett, Alvin Bernstein, Stephen Cambone, Eliot Cohen, Devon Gaffney Cross, Thomas Donnelly, David Epstein, David Fautua, Dan Goure, Donald Kagan, Fred Kagan, Robert Kagan, Robert Killebrew, William Kristol, Mark Lagon, James Lasswell, I. Lewis Libby, Robert Martinage, Phil Meilinger, Mackubin Owens, Steve Rosen, Gary Schmitt, Abram Shulsky, Michael Vickers, Barry Watts, Paul Wolfowitz, and Rabbi Dov Zakheim.

It wasn't Muslims who had a motive for employing a "Flight Termination System" to take control of EgyptAir Flight 990 - a Boeing 767 - on October 31, 1999 (after a bizarre coincidence in which "air crash victims grief counselor" Ed McLaughlin of the Family Enterprise Institute was the only person to board the ill-fated plane in Los Angeles and get off at New York), send it plunging into the Atlantic 60 miles south of Nantucket killing all 217 on board, none of whom were Israelis but 33 of the casualties were Egyptian army officers including two Air Force brigadier generals and two army major generals, and promote the concept of "Muslim suicide pilots" to a gullible public; it was Jews who would have needed to conduct a trial run of electronically hijacking in-flight Boeing aircraft for their imminent false-flag terror operation that was to be blamed on "Muslim suicide pilots / hijackers", with the EgyptAir Flight 990 "inquiry" being overseen by Zionist Jew Bernard Loeb who had Jewish translators transcribe the cockpit recordings, and the FBI conducting a character assassination to smear the alleged "suicidal" co-pilot.

It wasn't Muslims who wrote in 1998 of a "transforming event" rather like "Pearl Harbor"; it was John Deutsch, Ashton Carter and Philip Zelikow.

It wasn't a Muslim who served as Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission, whose expertise and job entailed the creation and maintenance of public myths or "presumptions", and who confirmed that the Iraq war had been for Israel's benefit; it was Philip Zelikow.

It wasn't Muslims who published a paper in 1996 entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, which mentioned "removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq" and introduced the concept of pre-emptive strikes for which some phony pretext such as halting drug money or striking counterfeiting infrastructure or "weapons of mass destruction" could be devised that Americans would sympathise with; it was The Institute for Advanced Strategic & Political Studies (IASPS) of Jerusalem and Washington which, for new Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, discussed how such a policy would benefit Israel.

It wasn't a Muslim who, in a 1995 book, predicted that "if the West doesn't wake up to the suicidal nature of militant Islam, the next thing you will see is militant Islam is bringing down the World Trade Center"; it was Benjamin Netanyahu.

It wasn't Muslim security officials who, in 1991, inspected the garage of a Muslim shipping company in the World Trade Center and concluded that the WTC garage was vulnerable to a car bomb, two years before the WTC garage was in fact hit by a car bomb and the FBI were aware of the plot yet let it go ahead killing six people and injuring more than a thousand, and ten years before the WTC was demolished one week after the very same shipping company had moved out of the WTC.; it was Israeli security officials and an Israeli shipping company.

It wasn't Muslims who paid Ali al-Jarrah more than $300,000 for services rendered, i.e., posing as a "supporter" of the Palestinian cause while betraying his country to an enemy state, and who was a cousin of Ziad al-Jarrah who was alleged to be one of nineteen 9/11 "suicide hijackers"; it was Israel that paid this Mossad asset.

It wasn't Muslims who 1) broadcast the pilot episode on March 4, 2001 of The Lone Gunmen TV series, an episode about a plot by a secret cabal within the US government to electronically hijack by remote control a Boeing heading for Boston and divert it to crash into the World Trade Center 2) said in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks that no one had ever conceived of aircraft being used by terrorists as missiles to target buildings; it was 1) Fox TV, owned by Rupert Murdoch, a long-time friend of Benjamin Netanyahu 2) National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice / actingGeneral Richard Myers / President George W. Bush / Vice President Dick Cheney / White House spokesman Ari Fleischer.

It wasn't a Muslim who said he'd seen the (first) plane hit the (North) Tower and reckoned it must have been "one terrible pilot" and "a horrible accident" before going into a classroom and subsequently being informed of the second impact when the first impact was not broadcast live on TV; it was George W. Bush.

It wasn't Muslims who, on Tuesday, October 2 through Friday, October 5, 2001: 1) met with, and 2) received $3 million in gifts for "funds for victims" from Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifah Al-Thani, the Emir of Qatar who started the Al Jazeera channel in 1996 with a $150 million grant, the channel which broadcasts audios and videos purporting to be of "Osama bin Laden" aka Emmanuel Goldstein; it was: 1) George W. Bush, Dick Cheney (an "old friend") - Cheney also met the Emir on October 20, 2001 to discuss the "Osama" interviews, Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Paul Wolfowitz, and Richard Myers 2) Rudy Giuliani, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Myers.

It wasn't Muslims who fabricated a fairy story about Pfc. Jessica Lynch being ambushed, stabbed, shot, bravely continuing to shoot Iraqis, being abused, raped, and held captive in a hospital by Iraqi guards, and later rescued by elite US forces; it was "unnamed US officials" who lied, since in fact there was no "rescue", Lynch's gun had jammed with sand, she was being cared for by the Iraqis after being injured in a car crash, she had no "bullet holes" or "knife wounds", the hospital was not "under guard", and doctors had even tried to return Lynch to US forces themselves.

It wasn't Muslims who conspired to invade a defenseless nation by lying about "weapons of mass destruction" ("WMDs") when they had already made up their minds to invade for "regime change", resulting in excess Iraqi deaths estimated at 655,000 to one million, the displacement of more than four million, the sacrifice of thousands of troops and throwing away of $3 trillion to no avail save for enriching a few war criminals and profiteers to the tune of billions of dollars in this proxy war for Israel; it was George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

It wasn't a Muslim who ordered aides to plan for striking Iraq barely five hours after the Pentagon was attacked on 9/11; it was Donald Rumsfeld.

It wasn't Muslims who ordered 250 police to smash their way into a house in Forest Gate, London, in the middle of the night and arrest two brothers after shooting one of them in the shoulder, on the basis of intelligence said to be from a "reliable", single source regarding a conspiracy involving a "cyanide bomb", with the brothers being released without charge several days later before it was subsequently revealed that the source was a man with an IQ of 69 who was already in jail on a terror conviction; it was Jewish supremacist lackeys MI5, Tony Blair and John Reid.

It isn't Muslim countries that have hundreds of nuclear warheads and submarines equipped with cruise missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads with a 900-mile range; it is Israel.

It isn't Muslims that have a powerful political lobby capable of extorting vast sums; it is Israel.

It wasn't a Muslim who boasted "We Muslims control America, and the Americans know it"; it was Ariel Sharon who boasted "We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it".

It isn't Muslims who fake phony "hate crimes" against themselves, such as vandalising their own cars or graves, or poisoning their dogs and defacing their houses with swastikas, or cutting their clothes and drawing swastikas on their stomachs; it is Jews.

It wasn't Muslims who took control of The New York Times in 1896, or who indeed own and control much of the mainstream media today; it was and is Jews.

It isn't a Muslim country that crushes peace protesters to death with bulldozers or shoots them, or shells a picnicking family on a beach (and then refuses to own up) when it wants to launch a war within the next three weeks, or warns civilians to fleeblowing up bridges so it can target them like sitting ducks, or shoots at Red Cross ambulances or UN observers after promising they would be safe, or bombs a power station so that more than ten thousand tonnes of crude oil leaks into the Mediterranean as a "collective punishment"; it is Israel.

It isn't Muslims who routinely employ weapons such as phosphorus shells to inflict grave and horrific injuries on civilians, and who deliberately fire more than a million cluster bomblets of which 40% fail to detonate on impact and 90% are employed in the final three days before a ceasefire so they can "get them all in while the going is good"; it is Israel.

It isn't a Muslim nation that holds the world record for defying UN resolutions; it is Israel.

It wasn't Muslims who ganged up on a handicapped Jew for hiking on his own land, beat him with clubs, dragged him along the ground, tied him to a power pole and continued to beat and kick him as Muslim soldiers did nothing to stop it and police merely advised the thugs to pour water on the victim's head to wash away the blood before journalists and photographers arrived; it was a gang of four cowardly, bigoted Jewish settlers who beat up a handicapped Palestinian with impunity, basking in the knowledge that Jewish soldiers and police would not act impartially, and even returning a week later to torment the neighbors, ransacking their home and destroying their few possessions.

It wasn't Muslim soldiers who beat up and killed a Jew with clubs and rifle butts and kicks to the head and then, after an 'investigation', concluded that the soldiers had "acted properly"; it was the Israeli "Defense" Forces who smashed three holes in a Palestinian teenager's skull killing him as he merely waited at a bus stop, continuing to beat him as he lay unconscious, then made up a story about him "pulling a knife" and suggested that he was "mentally unstable" in a case that is sadly all too typicalJewish supremacistsanimals in human form".

It wasn't Muslims who created a global organization named the "Anti Defamation League" in order to defend Muslim criminals by playing the race card and accusing their pursuers of being "racists" and "anti-Semites" who were guilty of "hate crimes"; it was Jews who set up the Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith in response to the lynching of Leo Frank, president of the Atlanta chapter of the B'nai B'rith Jewish secret society who had been convicted of murdering 13-year-old Mary Phagan who worked at Frank's pencil factory, with the lynching of Frank being in response to the commuting of his death sentence to life imprisonment after organized Jewry had tried to cast doubt on Frank's conviction by shifting the blame to a black man even though ritual murder is a known Jewish tradition, the ADL being used thereafter to denounce anti-criminals as "anti-Semites" whenever the criminals happened to be Jews.

It isn't Muslims who, for political and financial gain, demolished the World Trade Center with nano-thermite and crashed remote-controlled planes into it in order to set up a hoax about "Jewish kamikaze pilots" and then attempt to throw researchers off the scent by pretending to "investigate" the demolitions whilst 'accidentally' plumping for the wrong hypothesis (e.g. H-bombs rather than thermite), and then stubbornly refuse to change to a hypothesis that is in accordance with the evidence; it is Jews who set up a hoax about "Muslim kamikaze pilots" and have their deliberately misleading 'work' about the demolitions hosted at sites that are ownededited by Jews.

It wasn't Muslims who practised pseudo-science by refusing to look for Iron Blue at Auschwitz or explosives at the World Trade Center, in order that their 'investigation' would come up with the required financially and politically motivated result; it was Jan Markiewicz, Wojciech Gubala, and Jerzy Labedz of the Jan Sehn Institute at Krakow (Auschwitz fraud), and "scientists" and "engineers" at NIST (WTC fraud).

It wasn't Muslims who took over the "investigation" of the World Trade Center collapses when FEMA were making a hash of the cover up, mixed up Figures 11-51 and 11-52 in NCSTAR1-9Vol2 on their WTC7 report which was published two days after the mysterious death of eyewitness Barry Jennings whose testimony of explosions in WTC7 before either Tower had collapsed - note he specifically says (4:43) "I was trapped in there when both buildings came down" - blew their politically motivated assumptions and conclusions apart, failed to spot their mistake in their accompanying description, assumed unrealistically high gas temperatures in order to derive their required unrealistically high steel temperatures, published a preposterous hypothesis of a "thermal-expansion"-based collapse with the logical conclusion that the 180 kip shear capacity of four bolts in a seated connection would be exceeded if the steel heated up from 20 C to 32 C making the force to completely resist the thermal expansion 191 kip, irrespective of the fact that no steel-framed high-rises had ever collapsed due to "fires" or "impacts" apart from the three that allegedly did so on 9/11, claimed inward bowing of the WTC1 perimeter columns between floors 94 to 100 peaking at 55 inches at column 316 on the 96th floor which could not be reconciled with the fact that the columns' moment of inertia or second moment of area was at least 342 ins^4 along the minor axis and a maximum deflection of 55 inches given fixed - fixed boundary conditions and a distributed load would have required the failure within 102 minutes of at least ten consecutive floors, many of which did not have any fireproofing 'dislodged' by a plane and did not even experience substantial fires; it was NIST, whose top scientists and engineers have extensive knowledge of nano-thermites, but said they had found "no evidence" of explosives at the WTC and later admitted that they had not bothered to look for any. The 9/11 perpetrators had to ensure those in charge of the "investigation" were aware of that which they must not find.

It wasn't a Muslim who announced on Sunday September 16, 2001 that a "hijacker's passport" (allegedly that of Satam al Suqami) had been found "several blocks from the ruins of the World Trade Center", with other reports asserting that the passport was found "in the vicinity of Vesey Street"; it was former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik who was indicted November 2007 on multiple counts including lying, fraud and conspiracy, which is consistent with the fact that the laws of aerodynamics dictate that the passport should have been found in the vicinity of Liberty Street, the scriptwriter forgot that Suqami was supposed to be on Flight AA11 approaching from the north, and, of several attempts made by the authorities to guess where the passport should have been found, not one of them was correct!

It wasn't Muslims who had JFK killed; it was Jews.

It wasn't Muslims who stole elections by exploiting electronic voting machines that biased the results such that the odds for several swing states to swing as much as they did from the exit polls was 250 million to one against; it was George W. Bush.

It isn't Muslims who exhibit traits of supremacist megalomaniacs by referring to their enemies as "grasshoppers", "beasts", "crocodiles" and "cockroaches"; it is Jews.

It wasn't a Muslim who set up a Ponzi scheme that netted $50 billion; it was a Jew.

It wasn't Muslims who made a record about doing "The Wall Street Shuffle" and whose other songs included scatological references; it was Jews.

It isn't Muslims who rule the world by proxy and get others to fight and die for themselect rich host populations that will let them in, pose as their "ally" whilst draining them of hard-earned wealth, employ deception to trick the hosts into fighting poorer nations, and reap the spoils of warAfghan opium trafficking, missing Pentagon funds, looting of oil-for-food funds, etc, along with other opportunistic scams such as the $550 billion electronic run on the banks. Note: some reports incorrectly state Thursday September "15", 2008 for the latter; it should of course be September 11, the Thursday prior to September 15.

It isn't Muslims who have been expelled from countries on numerous occasions, it is Jews who keep getting kicked out as soon as the host gets wise to the fact that Jews' only loyalty is to their own tribe, rather than the host nation to whom Jews pose as an "ally".

It wasn't Muslims who started a World War in 1914 in the hope that they could successfully launch a hoax about "six million" of their number being killed in order to obtain their own country and net a substantial fraction of global wealth in "reparations", failed, but also exploited the opportunity to annex and loot Russia and indulge in horrific blood-letting and oppression as a means of settling old scores with the Rus who had chased them westwards from former Khazaria; it was Khazar (fake) 'Jews'.

It wasn't Muslims who blew up Francois Duprat's car killing him and maiming his wife, beat up Dr. Robert Faurisson at least ten times in which his jaw was broken / teeth knocked out / nearly killed several times / hospitalized for weeks and was persecuted in legal battles and had his home raided by police, tried to kill Ernst Zundel on at least three occasions in arson and pipe bomb attacks and had him and Germar Rudolf deported to Germany and jailed for years, beat Jurgen Rieger unconscious and blew up his car, beat up David Cole and threatened to kill him and his family, persecuted and beat Joseph Burg, attacked Frank Walus seven times and nearly killed him in an acid attack, forced Ivan Lagace to resign from his job as a crematory expert after endless threats from thugs claiming to be from the Jewish Defense League, perpetrated numerous terrorist attacks in France including sulfuric acid sprayed into faces / attacks with iron bars / baseball bats / gas sprayed / excrement strewn around, had historian David Irving spend 400 days in jail before being released on Appeal from a three year sentence which was for two speeches and a newspaper interview he gave 16 years earlier, had Dr. Frederick Toben jailed in Germany for ten months for using his Australian website to express his views, and who had dozens more jailed, fined, and financially ruined by character assassination and legal battles; it was Jews attempting to prop up their idiosyncratic brand of "truth" which profited them handsomely for decades.

It wasn't Muslims who fabricated a hoax about "six million" of their people being "murdered" involving an evidence-free conspiracy theory about a plot to exterminate them in "gas chambers" which netted them - by way of a huge, illegitimate land grab - their own sovereign state, colossal profits in "reparations", hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign "aid" and "loan guarantees" and waiving / subsidizing of interest payments, etc, and now serves as their "sword and shield" to practice apartheid and kill and oppress their enemies with impunity; it
including Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff after of violence perpetrated by racist, bigoted right-wing extremist upon those whom they perceive as " and in wars; it is Jews, whose modus operandi is to such as was Jews.

It wasn't Muslims who were caught red-handed forging fake "smoke" onto wartime photographs of Auschwitz; it was the Simon Wiesenthal Center, whose suitability as guardians of truth is comparable to a choice of Count Dracula as a maintainer of blood banks.

It isn't Muslim mathematics that holds that the sum of a set of variables a + b + c + d + e... remains constant, e.g. at "six million", when several variables fluctuate downwards by, say, nearly three million and about half of that, in the absence of any corresponding upwards revision; it is financially and politically motivated Jewish "mathematics".

It isn't Muslim physics and chemistry that holds that corpses may be rapidly and economically cremated with between a pound and a kilogram of coke per body when the firebricks of the cremation ovens are not even replaced after some 20,000 cremations (which is rather like expecting a Trabant to be capable of doing 100,000 miles non-stop at 100 mph on 100 gallons of gasoline and a couple of cans of motor oil); it is politically and financially motivated Jewish "physics" and Jewish "chemistry".

It wasn't Muslims - or even the "Russian police" - who behave as if they authored The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; it is International Jewry, and if it hisses like a snake and rattles like a rattlesnake, it isn't exactly benign.

It is not the "international Muslim" who has much to answer for; it is the international Jew.

The mainstream media's conspicuous silence over the collapse of the official 9/11 conspiracy theory has clearly exposed them as "the dogs that didn't bark".

This was inspired by an excellent piece from back in November 2003: It Wasn't Arabs by Edgar J. Steele


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Fremen Bryan
Jun 5 2009, 12:21 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe

Architect Richard Gage on the 9/11 WTC collapses.
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Fremen Bryan
Jun 5 2009, 12:26 PM

"The Sleeper must awaken"

2-February 08
Ohio, America, Earth, Universe

A danish scientist Niels Harrit, on nano-thermite in the WTC dust ( english subtitles )
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Nov 20 2009, 12:49 PM

mail order bride from russia

2-October 09
United States

FANTASTIC I didnt do last months yet Better get my butt in gear :-

Thanks for the inspiration. Looks GREAT

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